Adoption Support on Facebook

Adoption support on facebook

Open Groups, Closed Groups and Adoption Discussion pages on Facebook

There are a whole slew of adopting groups and pages on Facebook.  I am sure that this list is just a tip of the iceberg, but it’s a good place to start, plus I can’t stand coping and pasting any more.

Most of the descriptions and language are taken from the pages” about” or the groups descriptions, so not my wording. Also, some pages are misspelled or in all caps, but I left them as they are indexed on Facebook so they can be found more easily if one was to search via Facebook. The links directly to the pages and groups are there as well, but some groups are private and one must join first, etc. The categorization is my own and some groups/ pages bridge the gap to more than one area.  There are 17 pages worth of groups here and it would be insane to try to get it more detailed without doubling up.

If there is a group or page that you would like listed (or not) please let me know and I shall add ( or subtract) a requested.

Online Adoption Search and Reunion Support

ADOPTION SEARCH Registry In this group the search angels are NOT paid nor do they solicit for your business. There are search angels here from the USA as well as other countries.

Adoptions-Adoptees and Birthfamilies Search & Reunion This is for adoptees and birthfamilies that are looking for each other.

ADOPTION SEARCH HELPS & TIPS you have searched, you may have a technique that will help someone else. If you have searched, there may be information here that could help you with that search. This page is not for people who charge money to search, it’s for those wonderful search angels who donate their time and for those doing their own search.

Catholic Charities Adoptees & Birthfamilies Searching those who are/were affected by an adoption facilitated by CC, and searching for eachother.

Adoption Search & Reunion is a group for all who are searching, or are in reunion. For those who wish to post a search ad, Please follow the description under the DISCUSSION BOARD about how and what to post – and what NOT to post, as you search for your lost family member(s.)

ADOPTED KIDS  LOOKING FOR THERE BIRTH PARENTS AND PARENTS LOOKING FOR !!!! Lets help each other find our kids and parents…i HOPE WE CAN REUNIT AND BE SUCCECFUL WITH THIS if not my kid then someones.

Adoptee and Birth Mother Searching We help adoptees and birth parents reunite

Adoption Reunion Reunion stories, adoption search and reunion tips

Find Birth Parents/Siblings/Adopted Babies/Kids/Children Please help reunite lost relatives, birth parents, etc. Please join and share!

Adoption Reunion Search and Support Group. This is a group for discussions on search and reunion. You are welcome to post the info you have for your search, there are search angels in this group and we are always happy to help. We are also working on documents that explain what rights birth family and adoptees have in each state, and what resources are available for searching There are files and screen snips that show you how to find your birth family using dna. 

Louise Wise Adoptees and Birth Parents Searching Group to help narrow down adoptions through Louise Wise Services in NY. I am in hopes that anyone lost to adoption, or having lost a baby to adoption can find his or her loved ones more simply.  

If you have been touched by adoption and searching <3 is a group where people who have been touched by adoption and want to have another alternative to reach out with their search info another way. Whether you are a mother searching, a father searching or an adoptee yourself please tell us your story.

CANADIAN BIRTH MOTHERS AND ADOPTEES SEARCHING   here toassist and support those inidividuals in Canada who have been touched by adoption find their biological families. If you are searching for a family member, feel free to post the information you have on the group to promote your search and to gain social networking exposure.

Adoption Database Helping Reunite Families Separated by Adoption

I AM ADOPTED. If you are looking for someone or a group of people who are adopted, or if you are looking for some encouragement if you are trying to find relatives. come talk to me/us!

ADOPTION ROOTS:  LOST AND FOUND This is a closed support group page for those who are searching and for those who have been found and been reunited. This support group page is for: Adoptees, Birthmothers and birth fathers, adoptive parents or anyone else who has been affected by adoption.

Kept Siblings.. Kept/Raised Children After Adoption This group is to post and discuss what it is like to be brought up by parents who relinquished a child to adoption and about search and reunion.

Mixed Adoption Community Support:

Adoption support This is a support group for anyone whose lives have been touched by adoption. Birth families, adoptees and adoptive families. This group’s purpose is for support and understanding, as well a a safe place to vent. We will not tolerate any bullying or hateful comments. This should be a safe, helpful and empathetic place to come for all members!

ADOPTION- Questions & Discussions from the adoption triad this group  was created so that those who are involved in the adoption triad can come together with questions, concerns and experiences as they make their own adoption journey.

Life….Adopted! Information, support and news for all persons affected by adoption.

Adoptees Reunited Here is a place for people from all walks of life who are in one way or another involved in the adoption process to support eachother, give advice, chat, ask questions and just be united as a people who can relate to one another on the same level. This is not just a place for those that have been reunited but for everyone. WELCOME!!

Adoption Voices Magazine Our storytellers and experts will make you laugh, cry, nod in perfect agreement, or howl in protest. We use experiences and stories to weave a fabric of diverse adoption perspectives.

LDS birth mothers, adoptive mothers and adoptees This group is a place to share experiences and to support each other through the struggles and joys of placing a baby for adoption or adopting a baby. Those who are birth mothers, birth fathers, adopted, and adoptive parents are invited to join.

Birthmother Support:


Birth Mothers Support Group This group is primarily for first mothers who surrendered babies for adoption due to enormous family and social pressure, brainwashing and coercion. Pregnant women considering relinquishing their babies are welcome in hopes that they will get a clear picture of the aftermath of adoption and that this group will serve as a vehicle for finding the encouragement and support needed to keep their own flesh and blood. Adoptees are also welcome to participate in hopes that they will be able to see things from a first mother’s point of view.


Crisis Pregnancy and Birthmom Support Group (Moms Helping Moms) This group is for birthmoms and women considering adoption. This group will stay open but will serve as a gateway into our private group. If you are considering adoption and are looking for answers to your questions we are 300+ members strong and can share our experiences with you. If you are a birth/first/natural mother then you have come to the right place for support.

First Moms Survivors Club A forum for first moms to vent, discuss, receive and give support to our sisters of loss to adoption. This is not a pro adoption page.

We Are the American Philomenas All of us share Philomena’s story here in America.

Birth Mothers Unite! When people think of adoption, they typically think of the child waiting to be adopted, or the adoptive parents.. But what about the birthmothers? This group is for the unsung heroes of adoption: The women who made a desicion to carry a child to term, so that they could live a full and happy life with another family. Whether you’re a surrogate, a teenager, an adult, whatever, you’re welcome here!

Birth Mother and Adoption Awareness This page is dedicated to everyone touched by adoption: adoptees, adoptive families, and birth families. Though we use the term Birth Mother we are in no way suggesting other terms, such as natural mother, first mother, etc. aren’t appropriate.


Birth Mothers This is a place for birth mothers to share their experiences and talk about their feelings.

Birth Mothers Adoption Support Group A support group for Birth Mothers facing adoption or needing more information about adoption.

USA Stolen Babies & Stolen Motherhood This is a community of people supporting justice and redress for mothers that were subjected tomajor human and civil rights crimes, criminal acts and violations of international law in order that their newborn infants be unlawfully transferred to another group.


Mothers of Open Adoption Fraud Were prospective adoptive parents your “best friend” before delivery and in hospital…did you believe what they told you about contact, pictures, sharing….did this sway your decision to surrender? Did having them in your hospital room make you feel pressured? Did the adoption close once they took possession of your baby? Origins Canada believes this fraud…compelling a mother to surrender her child with promises of openness…Tell us your story…This is an Origins based resource….Note: This group is NOT for Adoptive Parents or those seeking to adopt.

Birth Moms Today. The “Birth Moms Today” closed Facebook group provides a safe space for woman to privately reflect, heal and gain strength from their life experiences. This group is pro healthy open adoption and pro healing.

Florida Birth Mothers group was created as a place for natural/first/birth mothers who gave birth in FL, and the children they relinquished, to freely discuss and share their feelings and experiences.

“Birthmothers” Unite – Victims of adoption coercion and fraud. This is a group to support and connect those who have experienced unethical adoption practices in any way. My goal is to educate and fight against the coruption in the adoption industry and to see our families restored.


Irish First Mothers mutual losses or experience deserve to be acknowledged or remembered with dignity, honor, and respect, as we regroup to move forward.

Adoptionptsd natural mothers have a special type of depression called adoptionptsd 

Adoption Truth Is We are a group of birthmothers, first mothers, natural mothers (insert preferred term here) who started this page to show what adoption looks like through our eyes. Every week, our birthmom vloggers will answer a question or a topic pertaining to adoption. Since every adoption is different, every answer will be different. As a warning to those of you who wish to keep your rose-colored adoption glasses, this is not the channel for you. There is no censorship on the ladies answering these questions, as we wish to portray honest adoption emotions.

Father’s Rights and Birthfather Support

Fathers of Loss (to Adoption) Featuring items of interest for men who have been separated from their children because of adoption.

Birthfathers United It is the mission of Birthfathers United to prevent the unilateral termination of birthfather rights, by an adoption agency, a birthmother, a birth grandparent, a lawyer, a court, or anyone, without fair notice and due process of law. To assist in reuniting birthfathers with children unlawfully taken from them is another goal of this organization.

Adoptee Only Support:

You Know You’re Adopted When… This is a group for adoptees ONLY. If you are pleased with your adoption or hate it like the rest of us we hope you can find humor here only adoptees can come to know.

Adoptees on Adoption This one’s for adoptees to promote their books, articles, videos, films, shows, blogs and any other creative endeavor they’re involved in based on adoption and the adopted life. Or the work of others which might be helpful to adoptees – research papers, books, films etc. Not for searches, search angels, for rants against adopters, parents or the promotion of books by mothers or of groups harmful to adoptees. This is a group for sharing information not for discussion, so is an open group

Adoptees Against Adoption This group has been created to see how many adoptees (with FB accounts, and all that that entails) are willing to publicly be counted as being an Adoptee Against Adoption.

UK Adoptees Adoptees adopted in/from/to the UK can find a group all of their own

Support for Birth Grandparents This is a support group for birth grandparents. A safe place to share your experiences and feelings.

Reform Groups and Pages

News and Information Sharing

 Adoption News and Events  (AN&E) exists for the purpose of sharing news and events to educate and enlighten the public. We recognize that some – perhaps many, maybe even most – adoptions are loving and caring. But even in those cases, the adoptee is still legally denied the truth of his heritage, lineage, genealogy, and accurate medical history until at least an adult – in most all states.

Adoption Information An open group for information about adoption. A place to share articles, books, films, research and anything of interest to adoptees about adoption.

Alt.Adoption This is a group for adoptees, birth families and adopters – join this group if you want to discuss anything related to adoption – including search, political activism, bastard nation, NCFA, Christopher Walken, etc etc etc – anything goes

Adoption Truth and Transparency Worldwide Network A worldwide meeting place, news hub, and human rights advocacy space for families separated by adoption. We shed light on the hidden side of adoption.

Adoption Rights Now 24 hour News channel Our ace reporter Jack Colleton will keep you up to the minute here with links to all adoption related matters in Ireland today as well as major international adoption news. Links to newspapers, TV, radio and online journals are posted regularly so please check in daily at least to keep up to the minute with the Irish Adoption Community. Posts from members are welcome here with a brief neutral comment explaining what you are posting.

Pimping Adoption Calls for RTs and other ‘back-up- type posts for the parts that we’re trying to get through to others exist in adoption can be found over @

Adoption At The Movies Movie Reviews & discussion guides to help adoptive families use film to start important conversations.

Adoption FACTS A library of research, published articles, blogs, and news articles about adoption.

The Big National Groups

Adoptee RightsCoalition Supporting legislation that will give all adopted adults unconditional restored access to their own ORIGINAL birth certificates.

American Adoption Congress The American Adoption Congress comprises individuals, families, and organizations committed to adoption reform. We represent those whose lives are touched by adoption or other loss of family continuity.

ALARM – Advocating Legislation for the Adoption Reform Movement ALARM Network is an acronym for Advocating Legislation for the Adoption Reform Movement. We are a National Organization challenging the sealed records controversy in the United States. 

Adoption ALARM Network ALARM is an acronym for Advocating Legislation for the Adoption Reform Movement. Adoption ALARM Network is a US National Organization challenging the sealed records controversy in the United States.

Bastard Nation Bastard Nation – The Adoptee Rights Group-The Official Facebook page. Bastard Nation advocates for the civil and human rights of adult citizens who were adopted as children.

Concerned United Birthparents CUB is the only national organization focused on birthparents and we also welcome adoptees, adoptive parents, and professionals. We find that we all have much to learn from each other and that sharing our feelings and experiences benefits all of us.

The ALMA Society Non-Profit Organization Dedicated to reuniting members of the adoption triad!

Origins America: Supporting Those Separated By Adoption The sacred bond between mother and child is of paramount importance to Origins. We seek acknowledgement of the need for healing the emotional damage caused by adoption practices and work toward ensuring that needless separation no longer occurs.

Origins Canada: Supporting People Separated By Adoption The main purpose of this group is to provide an open forum for sharing experiences, news, information and resources surrounding adoption loss/reparation and adoption reform in Canada.

Origins Scotland: Supporting People Separated by Adoption The main purpose of this group is to provide a confidential and safe group to support those who have been separated from family members by adoption. Please share experiences, news, information and resources surrounding adoption loss/reparation and adoption reform in Scotland

TRIA- Truth and Reconciliation In Adoption  This is a group of adoption activists toshare ideas and facilitate awareness about the hidden truths of adoption. We want individuals who are committed, motivated and want to bring positive ideas to the table without the arguing or politics. Our group has a vision to reform the closed/sealed adoption system that now exists. We can all agree that every adult adoptee should rightfully have access to their OBC.

Parents for Ethical Adoption Reform (PEAR) It is the mission of PEAR to provide a voice for prospective and adoptive parents. Our goal is to ensure that all families are provided: the opportunity to make a wholly informed and educated decision to adopt; a system that is transparent, ethical, economical, and respects the rights of families of origin, the laws of governments involved, the adoptive and prospective adoptive parents, and most importantly the children; a choice of agencies that operate legally, ethically, responsibly and in the interest of the adults and children they serve; access to support services and resources post adoption; official representation before the bodies that govern and oversee adoption providers.

Adoption Rights Alliance Adoption Rights Alliance is a Irish-based group which campaigns to ensure that the Irish government enshrines the rights of the adopted child and Ireland’s 50,000 adult adopted people in legislation.

Smaller Adoption Reform/ Abolition and Call to Action Groups

Adoption Army Speaking the truth about the adoption industry: What the adoption agencies and professionals do not want you to know about Coercion, Relinquishment, Adoptee Rights. 

Adoption Revolution  Revolution against child trafficking and adoptionfraude for protection of mothers and their childrens rights! 

Adoption Freedom Reform Freedom from the guilt and shame, Freedom to know our medical history, Freedom to know where we came from. ! It’s time to come TOGETHER !!

 Adoption Rights Now ARN offical campaign for adoption rights

International Network for Adoption Petitions, Rights + Immediate Legitimacy This page is for all adoption related petitions worldwide. Drop by once a month and sign all new petitions and when you’re done signing darlings, simply press LIKE to mark them as signed and see you next month babes

Adoption Awareness Alliance A social group for all members of the adoption triad (first parents, adoptees, and adoptive parents) and their families. If your family has been torn apart by adoption, this is the place for you.

AdoptIon agencies with bad practise Start naming bad agencies ! Name the leaders so some asses can be kicked!  Bring the troll’s out in the sun so they will bust!The adoptuion inustry runs and owns by people with names.Give the industry a face! 

Adoption Sucks This is a support group for those of us who feel we have been harmed by adoption. It is a place to speak out about the horrors of what we have suffered at the hands of others, through no choice of our own 

Abolish Adoption This group was originally created by Angela Barra as a vehicle for protesting against the current sentiments reported to be coming out of the Queensland Child Protection Inquiry and as reported in a newspaper here as ” Bring Back Forced Adoption for Bad Mothers”. The objective is to promote early intervention and prevention with guardianship as a last resort.

Anti-Adoption A group created to show just how much support (or otherwise) there is for the anti-adoption ‘movement’. 

Adoption Mania (Currently) open group created for the honest appraisal of adoption

Adoption or Child Trafficking? Who is Benefiting from it? We are a group of people who are gathered together to find solutions to the corrupted practices of Orphanages and Adoption Agencies who are stealing, deceiving, and killing the dreams of so many families and innocent children.

LOVE ONE ANOTHER “ADOPT” THE MOTHER this group will help bring awareness to the loss and grief involved with separating mother and child.

Adoption Complaint to United Nations Dedicated to families, adopted people and adoptive parents who have concerns and complaints. It is every human’s natural-born right to know and have access to one’s own family.

Adoption hurts kids! Support Adoption Reform now. “The child shall be registered immediately after birth and shall have the right from birth to a name, the right to acquire a nationality and as far as possible, the right to know and be cared for by his or her parents.” – UN Convention

Adoption Rights Now An immediate full Public Enquiry into the vicious treatment of Mothers and babies, and the consequent high mortality rates, in Government and Catholic run institutions in Ireland since the foundation of the state in 1922.

Adoption Healing and Trauma:

Adoption Healing Network group is for adoptees and natural mothers and their family members.The purpose of this group is to heal the wounds of separation of mother and child, comfort those in pain, offer support to those who need help and prepare in advance those wishing to search. Search preparation and guidance is free.

Adoption Loss and Trauma Support Group This is a closed group for anyone affected by adoption loss/adoption trauma. This group is meant to be another place where members can privately and safely voice their opinions, ideas, concerns, and questions, where they can offer support to one another and be free to discuss faith issues, as well. This is not a group that supports adoption, rather a group that speaks the truth against the multi-billion dollar industry and travesty of adoption.

Geographical  Adoption Support

Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry The Georgia Adoption Reunion Registry was created on July 1, 1990 to offer services to birth parents, adopted persons, adoptive parents and siblings who are affected by adoptions finalized in Georgia. Services we offer include registration of your contact preference, non-identifying information for adoptees and their adoptive parents, searches for birth family members, and consultation services.

Adoption search Louisiana This group is for persons 18 years or older who are adoptees in search of their birth family members in Louisiana or for birth family members who are seeking an adoptee born in Louisiana.

Hudson Valley Adoption Support Group Hudson Valley Adoption Support Group; a peer to peer group support for adult adoptees, birth mothers & families seeking support, understanding, before during & after adoption searches & reunions.

New York Adoptees and Friends A forum for seeking ways to open New York adoption records for the benefit of adoptees. Birth certificates do not suffice when the father has not been included on the birth certificate.

Adoptees born in N.Y. For all adoptees born and adopted in New York City and State and families searching. Please postyour adoption information like ur given name at birth, adopted name,date of birth, info and who u are searching for or adoption related topics or links to help related to adoptees, birthparents,siblings,searches,reunions ect.

Adopted and Searching in Michigan. This group is for Adoptee’s of Michigan. A place to meet, search and share our stories.

Texas Adoptions-Adoptee’s and Birth Families Search & Reunion Texas adoptee’s and birth family members in search of one another.

Missouri Open Records Effort (MORE) A place for all to discuss the open records initiative in Missouri. Often times, open records and adoptee rights are confused and intermingled. This group will serve as an open forum in regards to open records.

New York State Adopt Reform Community This group is generally about NYS adoptions. The collective will of our members shall determine the direction and greater purpose of this group.

Adoption Network Cleveland We support ALL who are touched by adoption, including adoptees, birthparents, adoptive parents, foster youth and alumni, foster parents and professionals throughout their journey. We are here every step of the way before, during and after adoption.

Arizona Adoption Forum This group is intended to support those touched by adoption. This includes Birthmothers, Birthfathers, Birthfamilies, Adoptees, Adoptive Parents as well as those that want to join-in on the topic. We are a forum of fellowship for those that seek it.

Utah Council for Ethical Adoption Practices (UCEAP) “To promote and enforce ethical and positive adoption standards and practices among all those involved with adoption in Utah.”

Utah Adoption Council-Unofficial-Open Forum This is an open forum for concerned citizens to dicussion topics involving Utah adoption. This is a group started for those of us banned from voicing our opinions in the UAC-Utah Adoption Council group.We are in no way offiliated with the UAC. I encourage everyone to join the council, if you have not already. Your voice and concerns are important. I will remind you to please keep it civil. No name calling and the use of the term “sperm donor” will get your comment deleted. The Utah Adoption Council is a non-profit, all volunteer organization of adoptees, birth parents, adoptive parents, agencies and community groups supportive of adoption.

AdoptionUK For those affected by adoption in the UK and who need somewhere to go. A closed group, hopefully lightly moderated, but taking into account this is for all involved, so there’s bound to be some clashes.

Adoption Support Network of Ireland – ASNI Adoption Support Network of Ireland is a peer support network which exists to promote and demand equal human and civil rights for all those affected by the outdated, unjust Irish adoption system.

Adoption Voices – UK & Ireland group is open to anyone affected by the adoption triad….adoptees, .mothers, fathers, siblings – if you need support, advice about tracing or just to talk to someone who knows how you are feeling, you are in the right place.

Adoption Quebec A group for Quebec adoptees and birth parents/natural parents, families, to post their info. and chat! Maybe even make a connection!!!!

ITALIADOPTION In the period between 1950 and 1970 there have been over 3,700 Italian born “orphans” brought to North America to be adopted by American and Canadian parents.
Most of these international adoptions were initiated by the Catholic Committee for Refugees (NCWC/CCR/CRS) or the International Social Services (IRC/ISS) while some were private adoptions handled by personal attorneys.

More Specific Adoption Groups:

Adopting-Back Our Children / Adoptees Terminating Adoptions Can natural parents adopt-back the adult sons and daughters they lost to infant adoption? Can adoptees terminate their adoptions and become former adoptees? Yes they can! This is a group for reunited families who had done just that, and for anyone who is curious about this process.

Transracial Adoption We hope everyone feels free & safe to voice their opinion. We want a place were all members of the adoption constellation can post and exchange ideas with each other. So many groups lack that benefit, the benefit of different perspectives.

International-Adopt-Talk This list is open to families in the IA triad interested in honest, in-depth exploration of difficult issues — who wish to learn from adult adoptees and families with experience parenting older IA are willing to delve deeper into the complexities of adoption and how it affects those we love. We focus on the late years: tweener through adult (i.e. lifelong) issues.

Racism and White Privilege for the Adoptive Family This group was created as promised in the session ‘Racism and White Privilege for the Adoptive Family’ at the KAAN Conference 2012 as a way to continue the conversation. We encourage honest dialogue and resource sharing throughout this group. White club rules are suspended. We talk about race here.

Rainbow Fart and Unicorn Believers

Why? Because they have HUGE numbers and sometimes the conversations are worth the headache to supply education. Be prepared to be banned.

Adoptive Families   A community resource from Adoptive Families– information, advice, and support – for people considering adoption, families going through the adoption process, and parents raising adopted children. We are compassionate, understanding, and` experienced.

Full Circle Adoption Support Full Circle is an organization devoted to providing a positive, supportive and informative experience for any adult whose life has been touched by adoption, including birth parents, adoptive parents, adoptees and their loved ones.

Adoption Discovery Bridging the gap between prospective parents and the orphans who desperately need them.

Open Adoption Support Open Adoption Support- A support page for Birth Parents, Adoptive Parents, and adoptees in Open Adoptions and adoptions in general.

Second Chance Adoptions ( Yes, this is the Re-Homing group!) Second Chance is for American adopted children to be legally adopted into a new home because the first adoption didn’t work out.

Adoption: Share the Love Page owner and founder, Haley, is a Birth Mother who has a huge love for adoption. ( Really, it SAYS that!) 

Adoption is Precious The name says it all, prepare to be banned.

Adoption Chat

Portrait Of An Adoption (not 100% unicorn farts, but you have to play nice) Portrait of An Adoption is a blog about issues related to adoption, parenting and contemporary culture.

Creating a Family: Talk about Adoption and Infertility Creating a Family is for those of us affected by infertility or adoption. We can offer each other support and information to help us on this journey. It’s for anyone concerned with their fertility, trying to conceive, considering IVF or donor egg, or trying to decide how long to stay in infertility treatment. It’s also for those considering any form of adoption–domestic adoption, international adoption, foster care adoption,or transracial adoption. And please join us if you’ve already adopted because we’ll talk about post adoption issues as well.

Domestic Adoption Support Group This is a group open to anyone either currently going through the adoption process, have already adopted, or know someone who is adopting. Please join, share your stories, and encourage others.

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    My father was recently able to locate his birth father through a combination of DNA testing and genealogical research. We’re now looking at starting a business to provide those same services to others. The link below is to a questionnaire for anyone that doesn’t know his or her birth father’s identity:

    We’re reaching out to adopted people and their families to get a sense as to whether these services may be of value. As a thank you to those who participate, we’ll select a few respondents to help search for their father’s identity, free of charge. The deadline to complete the survey is EOD Monday, Feb. 15.

    Thanks in advance for your support!

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