Updated Research: 13 BILLION $$$ in Profits in the Adoption Industry

Projected profits of Adoption Industry to 2015

How Much  Money is Really Made off of the Separation of Mothers & Babies?

So this morning marching orders for work to be done came via Facebook.  My chart with projected profits of the adoption industry that I had created a while ago and that lead to a discussion on Facebook.

Fertility Clinics & Adoption Services: An Industry Analysis from 2000

Now, these numbers that we have are based off of a market data research report looking into the  Fertility Clinics & Adoption Services. The report was released in 2000 and was based off of 1999 numbers. My chart, which I have since this AM, updated to project the profits in adoption to 2015, is taking their base number of $1,400,000,000 and uses the estimate 11.9% growth rate provided in the report to give us the numbers.  I do not have access to the report and so the details from it that were used in the original chart and the new updated one come from ExiledMothers.com who culled it from Adoption.com and I am assuming that somewhere, someone had their hands on it and read the thing! The report does not seem to be available anymore, but there is a copy at the Library of Congress.

Over $5,763,699,255,82 in Profits from Adoption in 2013

Yep, close to 6 billion dollars made from the separation of mothers and children and the manufacturing of families for profit. Here’s the update chart, which can also be found on the Truth About the Adoption Industry page here.

Projected profits of Adoption Industry to 2015

The 6 BILLION Adoption Industry Profit projection is LOW!

Now, since there are obvious flaws in the projected adoption profits chart. Old research, a projected growth rate that was probably too low in for the mid 2000 when international adoptions were flourishing and too high for the past few years that have seen rates fall due to countries  and some agencies closing and a greater need for the adoption agencies to pump up their marketing to find more babies all make the numbers a gross estimate.

I dislike gross estimates, so I went a hunting.

And to my delight, there was a new adoption industry market data analyst report published just this year!!  Even better this report does NOT group  the fertility industry in at all but is just Adoption & Child Welfare Services in the US.

This NEW Adoption Industry research puts the REVENUE made from Adoption related services at 13 BILLION.

Shall we repeat that?

Thirteen Billion Dollars Made in Revenue from the Adoption Industry.

13 BILLION Dollars made through ADoptionWhich basically means that for the last god knows how long, we have been screaming about only HALF the profits made by the adoption industry. Less than Half. What this report will give us is firm numbers and new projections into the very heart of the adoption industry: the chain of money flow and the all the charts we could hope for!

What is the Adoption & Child Welfare Services Industry?

This industry includes nonresidential social assistance services for children and young adults. Private sector and nonprofit establishments in this industry offer services in the areas of adoption, foster care placement, drug prevention, guidance and self-help, life skills training and positive social development. This industry excludes orphanages and group homes, day care services, youth recreational sports centers, sports teams and leagues and scouting organizations.

Adoption agencies and providers of child welfare services faced a rocky road during the recession, as private donations dwindled and federal funding remained stagnant. Improvement is on the horizon, however. The industry’s own revenue streams will also improve, as their endowment funding recovers. While government spending on social services will likely lessen, corporate donations will blossom again.

This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, growth rates and an analysis of the industry key players and their market shares.

Adoption Industry Products

  • Adoption services
  • Foster & guardianship services
  • Youth service programs
  • Youth counseling & developmental services
  • Shelter services
  • Other social assistance services

Adoption Industry Activities

  • Adoption placement services
  • Abandoned infant assistance
  • Foster care placement services
  • Child guidance services
  • Child abuse prevention services
  • Youth community center services (except recreational)
  • Self-help programs for teens
  • Teen outreach services
  • Youth guidance services

That’s ALL what is available on line right now. As it is a new report, they are hiding the glorious guts. Can you tell I am just drooling with desire to get my hands on this thing? Current adoption profit numbers? Be still my fact finding heart! This is better than designer shoes on clearance or a fab flea market find!

That’s the good news. The bad news is that the report is $950.00 to purchase.

I have contacted the publishers, and several resellers inquiring about any possible discounts and “we will talk about how wonderful you are in AdoptionLand “if you give us the report. I have a feeling that that is not going to work,  as I have been told no by most, but not by all yet. I’m still not hopeful; I think it’s just that they have not gotten to my request yet. I have found some high level folks on Twitter and shall see what I can do, but… These data market reports want their money too.

I am hoping that they will see the benefits of giving me the report. Overall, while IBISWorld is well known in the business to business sector, they don’t seem to have a lot going on from the pirate sector of people knowing about them or talking about them. I would love to sing their praises, credit them on the research,  and provide lovely back links for their SEO. Hell, I’ll post and promote their Press releases a for the rest of my days if I could get this report! Plus, anything I do publish on outsource places henceforth, like the New York Times, or whatever, I would link back and credit them as super great human beings and a totally ethical company. That’s  what I would LOVE to do, but so far I only have a bad full of hope.

Meanwhile, we KNOW the big adoption agencies have their hands on this report and are probably coming up with new an improved propaganda messages in order to continue their profit growth. So now the question is, if I can’t manage a trade for the market research,  can we get $950.00 for this?

Firm 2007 Numbers on Adoption Profits at 11 Billion!

Even if this report is not in my hands…yet.  I little bit more of sleuthing has revealed to me data from the US Census Bureau which in 2007 did an industry analysis of the “Child and Youth Services Segment” which is where adoption falls in. The official coded number of this is NAICS 62411 and that provides interesting search results as well!

So according to the 2007 US Census Industry numbers, “receipts” is net revenue not including taxes.

Description Estab-
% of
per capita

United States 9,723 11,399,091 100.00 38 4,148,590 155,730

$ 11,399,091,000.00 in profits from the adoption industry overall. Over four billion dollars made by persons in the legalized version of child trafficking.

So while I am thrilled to have updated factual numbers about the profits made through the adoption industry to share, I am off a hunting IBISWorld folks and hope that I can appeal to their sense of kindness and work a miracle. Be assured, I will keep you updated on my progress.

Oh and if ANYONE happens to have a IBISWorld Membership Plus and just happened to want to get this report for me… I promise I will be your best friend. For life. Really.

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