The Unethical Adoption Seizure of Veronica Brown

Standing our ground to keep veronica home

The Indian Child Welfare Act, The Cherokee Nation, the Capobiancos, Troy Dunn and The TRUTH

#KeepVeronicaHomeThe unethical adoption attempt to remove Veronica Brown from the care of her father, Dusten Brown, has been moving so fast that it is almost impossible to keep up. The timing of all these happenings has been even further complicated by the fact that I was in Atlanta for the 2013 Adoptee Rights Coalition’s annual demonstration. I have paused from my follow-up, regroup and annual video making to make sure that I have a current post on the case that has gone on up to the SCOTUS as “Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl” and the legal mess and media frenzy that has thus followed.

Simple Facts About the Veronica Brown Story

I personally do not care one bit how much the wannabe parents,   Matt and Melanie Capobianco, think they have a right to her, or how much they love her or how much “better” they think they are. Dusten Brown is her FATHER and she has a family that is able to love her and take care of her. Veronica Brown should not have been ever and is NOT an adoptable child.

The Capobiancos have NO right to Veronica Brown. I have just as much right to another child I see walking down the street who has holes in the sneakers based on the fact that I can buy this kid new sneakers.  They can’t even claimed that “poor Veronica will be ripped away from the only home she has ever known” as she has been LIVING WITH HER FATHER for the past 18 months!

The  unneeded separation of the child from her family is cruel and inhumane. She is a four year old child, not a baby and has clearly bonded with her family. To remove her now due to whatever crummy legalities the Capobianco and their legal team might dream up is a complete disgrace to whatever “beauty” we pretend adoption is about.  It will damage her, most likely, forever with unnecessary trauma. It is not healthy. It is not best.

The only reason that they have been able to have any legal standing is because the Capobianco, and Veronica’s biological mother, planned and executed a complete unethical termination  to remove Dusten Brown from the picture. Christina Maldonado, Veronica’s  now birthmother,  was a single mother of two. Brown and Maldonado became engaged to be married in December 2008, and Maldonado informed Brown that she was pregnant in January 2009. For whatever reason, Chrissy not only broke up with Brown, refused to marry him, and cut off all contact with him.  While she had full right to do that, she had NO RIGHT to try to cut him out of his daughter’s life.

Raymond W. Godwin is an unethical adoption attorney. He  was the original adoption attorney for Matt and Melanie Capobianco is also involved with another OK to South Carolina adoption dispute based on the same circumstances surround the ICWA. His wife is the director of the adoption agency that handled the adoption. Ironically, both Ray and Laura were recipients of the Angels in Adoption by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute.

Dusten Brown was NEVER a “deadbeat dad” and repeatedly attempted to be involved in Maldonado’s pregnancy and his daughter’s life. Again, she continued to refuse to allow it. He has been fighting for his daughter since day one. He has done everything within his power to fight for her. He never KNOWINGLY relinquished her to adoption and that he was tricked into a signature does not make the adoption right and should not make it legal. Please get the facts of this case if you do not know them. Still not sure? How about the actual court transcripts from Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl including the Judges bench ruling that PROVE that Dusten Brown was trying to support Veronica Rose Brown even before birth and was shut out by Christy Maldonado? PDF and images of the cross examination and the judge finding her NOT CREDIBLE?  Proof only comes in one color: truth!

The SCOTUS ruling should be thrown out. Justice Roberts was NOT unbiased as not only an adoptive father involved in his own shady adoptions of his two children, but:

“Veronica’s birth mother, Christy Maldonado, was represented by Lori Alvino McGill, who filed a brief in support of the Capobianco’s. McGill, it turns out, is a friend of Roberts. He attended her wedding to Matthew McGill in 2006. If that weren’t enough, Matthew McGill was a law clerk for Roberts in the DC Circuit Court of Appeals.”

via  Birth Mother First Mother Forum

This happens all the time in adoption. If the ICWA was not involved in this case, and if Dusten Brown did not have the power of the Cherokee Nation behind him, he would just be another father screwed over by the adoption industry. This case is not a lone wolf. It is NOT a isolated incident.

There is more and more proof coming out in the court transcripts that the “adoption” of  Veronica Rose Brown reeks of corruption!

The Locator Troy Dunn and Dr. Phil have No Business Being Involved

Both are rating hungry vultures. Troy Dunn has already shot himself in the foot with siding on behalf of the Capobiancos and shown that Troy Dunn is no friend of adoption. Dr. Phil deemed himself as a complete moron years ago, but has once again teamed up on the side of the entitled wanna be’s .

There is a Boycott of both  Dr. Phil and Troy Dunn. Veronica should not be objectified in this manner. Please spread the word that children are not to be exploited for media, especially to media who try to enter a pre-school.

More Factual Sources for Veronica Brown Support

There is a ton more about the Veronica Brown Adoption battle, but get your facts from the sources, not the morons, please!


Support Veronica Brown

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The Adoption Community: Veronica Brown Response

As so many of us are horrible upset and talking about this case, I went and made an Adoption List for Veronica Brown.  There is a reason for this: The Listly List made for I’m Having Their Baby has almost 15,000 views and shows up n the first page of Google. It also allows us all to have ONE place to put blog posts and articles and information in one place and then, add that ONE list to ALL our blogs and websites to keep upon what is happening. I encourage you all to ADD your posts and what you find to the List and then Embed it.

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6 Comments on "The Unethical Adoption Seizure of Veronica Brown"

  1. Claud,
    I’m so glad to see that you have jumped into the fray about the Veronica Brown situation. We need your great investigative skills to look into the Nightlight adoption agency out of Greenville, SC. As we already know there is another child in a similar situation, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are more. Something is rotten in Denmark.

    The email address for the Oklahoma Attorney General is:

    There is also a great banner on the Keep Veronica Home website under the share with friends section.

  2. My partner and I are currently undergoing assessment in Australia as adoptive parents. Our system is different to the one in the US. I have followed this case in America and it makes me feel sick to the stomach that the Capabiancos think they have any rights to this child. The adoption was not finalised, Mr Brown did not with full knowledge and consent terminate his parental rights. I only hope that some sense with the Capabiancos will prevail and they will think about what is right for Veronica. This is completely and utterly unethical. Adoption should always be a last resort for a child with no other options.

  3. it is absurd to assert that a child should be raised by a manipulative abuser who the mother sought to protect the child from. This sperm donor ripped this child from the only family she ever knew and refused to allow her any contact with them. That’s child abuse.

    • Really, Matt ( or Matt’s Neighbor) ? Do you really expect ANYONE with half a brain to believe that Dusten Brown was a “manipulative abuser”? And yes, I am implying that you do not have half your brain.

      IF Christy actually HAD a reason to shut Dusten out of his child’s life, then we all KNOW that those accusations of controlling abuse and manipulation would have been ALL over the news and she would have use it as evidence in the original trial as to why she kept him out of her life rather than dodge her actions with non answers. Lord knows the dirty dealings of e C’s and their “Save Veronica” crap would have been all over it talking about how horrific he was and Dr’ Phil would have peed on himself in pleasure. But non of that happened.. because like MOST things on this case, there was NO FACTUAL DATA to SUPPORT IT. And for clarity’s sake, a “sperm donor” plants his seed in a cup and does not propose marriage.

      And let me ask you this…IF you contend that it is “child abuse” to remove a child away “from the only family she ever knew” at age 2, then what is it when the accusing party does the same thing to the same child at age four? How was it abusive for Dusten to take his daughter home, but its pontificated that the saintly Matt and Melanie can do the same at a point in her life where Veronica is even MORE aware of the actual goings on and the bond with her real family is even stronger? Is there any logic here at all? Or should we just give her a cookie and some toys and hope she shuts up and behaves because GOD DAMMIT, Matt and Melanie are gonna get what they paid for!

      So really.. if you want to drop half baked snotty comments here, back them up. Discuss like a human being. Explain how it works in your half brain. I would love to know really what did Dusten do that was so awful that Christy felt the need to not only punish him like this, but to basically start the ball rolling that is going to incredible fuck up her daughter. Coz I do not need to have a crystal ball to see that in ten years, we will be lucky if Veronica is strong enough to survive this.

  4. Wait a minute! The father was tricked into signing a paper to give up his rights. He knew he was signing something that would give up his rights but just because it was to this couple instead of the mother means he wanted his child. That makes no sense. No real man would sign anything that gives up their rights to their kids. Are you saying this idiot is fighting for our country. How scary!!

    • I’m going to let your comment stand because it is a perfect example of the stupidity surrounding this case and the general ignorance of American’s concerning unethical adoption practice overall.
      So here’s the important facts you are choose to miss: He was about to be deployed to Iraq. They waited until he was about to be deployed to Iraq before serving him papers. Do not think for one second that it was timed so. It is NORMAL for a man about to go into a war zone where he might not come back to transfer custody over to someone stateside. He was also under the erroneous assumption that he was giving custody to his daughter to her mother. There was NO mention of adoption and THAT was also done PURPOSELY. The court documents prove that. Christy Maldonado said so herself. He said so. He was HOPING, again, wrong on his part, that by giving Christy what she said she wanted, he would somehow be able to repair the relationship even though he had no idea the forces working against him and was obviously erroneous in his hope and trust and the power of love. If this does not make any sense to you, then you have not a bone of compassion of sense in your body.
      Yes, real men give up the rights to their kids every day. They are often forced to by the courts. They allow their children to be adopted by step fathers because their ex’s force them to and sometimes because they feel it is in the best interests of their children. Sometimes they do so because they are complete tools who do not want to pay child support and be responsible, this is not one of those cases.
      If Dusten Brown is an idiot for falling in love with a less than ethical person and trusting others, then so be it. Half the world is just as idiot then. Should he AND his daughter be punished for being in love and too trusting? I don’t think so, but apparently you do? And who is the idiot then? I say you. If you have a brain that is still functioning and would like to try to understand more completely how this went down and how unethical adoptions screw father’s out of their rights every day, then I suggest you read here: If not, then go stick your head back in the sand and have a super swell day!

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