Veronica Rose Brown Court Transcripts Point to More Corruption in Adoption

"Save Veronica Rose" Brown from what? She's already home with her father where she belongs

“Save Veronica Rose” From This Tangled Web of Lies

#KeepVeronicaHomeIt doesn’t matter really what you think about the Indian Child Welfare Act. It doesn’t matter if you think ICWA is needed or unneeded.  It doesn’t matter if you think the United States Supreme Court ruling to overturn the use of ICWA in the case of Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl was right or wrong. I dare say that it doesn’t matter if you think that Matt and Melanie Capobianco are the greatest people on the face of this earth or whether you believe that Haggard Mel has a DWI record and looks like she needs a serious “What not to Wear” Makeover. It doesn’t matter if you think Christy Maldonado was a poor sympathetic woman trying to get a man out of her life or a lying snake trying to hurt her ex in the most vicious way she could find. It doesn’t even matter if you think Dusten Brown is a decorated American soldier with a Bronze Star and father or if you still, despite the facts, believe him to be a dead beat dad.

There are two things that really matter in the media sensation that is the unethical adoption  of Veronica Rose Brown ;

  • One of them is a little girl named Veronica Rose Brown who will turn 4 in a few weeks and who is happy and loved and cared for by her family in Oklahoma and has no reason to be taken from them and “adopted” by another family
  • The other thing that really should matter is that this unethical adoption case has so much corruption in it that it literally reeks to high heaven.. and I am hoping that perhaps God will smell the sour stench and strike down those who have contributed to this injustice.

“Save Veronica Rose” Gets New Meaning

The wanna be adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco, have taken up “save Veronica Rose” as their battle cry. I, like many others,  have always wondered what are we needing to “save” Veronica Brown from?  It’s clearly not a case where she is in danger and adoption is needed to save her from abuse.  She doesn’t NEED a home and really that is the issue to a degree, there are two  homes fighting over her. One created by biology and love, even if now dissipated, and one created by legal maneuvers and greed.   One created by nature and one created by the use of corruption, favors, money, and political connections.

What should matter is that we are living in a country where money and political corruption can create a situation where a child can be TAKEN from her family simply because another family WANTS her and has the means to do more than just abuse the system and the use the law to their advantage, but other people in power help them for their own monetary gains.  Oh, we might never see it, but there is money and favors changing hands here, folks. Don’t even begin to think that there is not! The only reason that this case is still happening is because for ONCE  a natural parent had the means to fight this and Dusten Brown has not given up. The sad thing is that  fathers lose their children in this country every day to the adoption machine and they don’t have ICWA and the Cherokee Nation on their side, so they give up and suffer for the rest of their lives.

More Corruption Played Out  in Court Transcripts

Ok let’s take a five second dumb down review of simple facts so we can place in the time line what we are about to read;

Dusten and Christy got engaged in 12-2008 and the pregnancy was announced in January of 2009, but by May of 2009, Christy called the whole thing off, previously testifying because he wanted to get married and she didn’t want to. She then cut him out of the picture entirely. Veronica was born in Sept of 2009. Dusten was “served” relinquishment papers on January 6, 2010, but immediately started legal proceeding to revoke his consent that was taken by trickery and without any legal representation. Lots of legal maneuverings back and forth until the South Carolina court trial on September 12–15, 2011 which is where this court testimony comes from.

This is the testimony of Alice Brown, Dusten Brown’s mother and Veronica Rose Brown’s paternal grandmother. She’s the one who beaded all those tiny baby socks that we see all over the net. What I would like to point out that the Oklahoma visit, or “Home study” as it is referred to here, of the Guardian ad litem, or GAL, Jo Prowell in what seems to be July of 2011.

Why Was the Guardian ad Litem Already Biased for the Adoptive Parents?

By her own admission; because she had been working with the Capobiancos before the BIRTH of Veronica.

Save Veronica Rose Brown court transcipts

Save Veronica Rose Brown court transcipts 2

I’m so very curious on how a woman appointed to act in the best interests of a child, could do so before she is even born. Even the SOCTUS said the following about about her that really, if she had connections before,are untrue:

“The Guardian ad  Litem, Ms. Jo M. Prowell (“the Guardian”), is the  duly appointed representative of the respondent child  (“Baby Girl”) in these proceedings, with standing to  file this brief on Baby Girl’s behalf. The Guardian  exhaustively considered the respondent child’s best  interests and concluded that they clearly would be  served by allowing her adoptive parents to retain  custody.”

Save Veronica Rose Brown court transcipts 3

So, if you have a bigger house and more money, then perhaps you have the right to take anyone’s kids from them. I mean, really, this is what we are saying if we allow the case of Veronica Rose Brown to not become a national outrage.  I don’t see how this “advocate for veronica” did her job.

Save Veronica Rose Brown court transcipts

Why Would Jo Prowell Favor the Adoptive Parents?

” Did you get the sense that the Guardian was attempting to try to get you to change your mind or Dusten’s mind about pursuing this litigation?”

“Yeah. She was — she worked very hard at that.  It was more talk of  -of that than really anything”

Save Veronica Rose Brown court transcipts Alice Brown court docs 6

Jo Prowell, who is not a lawyer, has worked as guardian ad litem in numerous adoptions for attorney Raymond Godwin and Nightlight Christian Adoptions based in Greenville, South Carolina. In this capacity, she testified in favor of the Capobiancos at family court that Veronica should stay with Godwin’s clients. There is also reporting that the same Jo Prowell, who by nature of her GAL status, should be ADVOCATING for the BEST INTERESTS of VERONICA, not anyone else, also went out of the way to obtain a favorable report on behalf of the Capobiancos, though withholding important information to the child and bonding expert who later recanted her report.

It’s not just that THEY had more money and things, it’s that Jo Prowell gets more money and things by doing what favors adoption. I betcha that Raymond Godwin and Nightlight Christian Adoptions keep her pretty busy!

But draw you own conclusions.  Here they are, all that I have today for you!

Adoptive Couple v Baby Girl 9-14-2001 Alice Brown direct testimony

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  1. Don’t forget, birth mother claims to have never attended events and holidays with the family yet here is Alice Brown stating which holidays she visited and what gifts were purchased, etc.

  2. Jan Hunt of Natural Child Project also recanted what she wrote for Jo Prowell. Ms. Hunt said that she was sicken when she learned how she was duped into writing a brief against the biological father. Google Jan Hunt recants to read the article.

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