Adoption Truth

Whats Wrong with Adoption?

Truthful Views of Adoption Practices in the USA today

Adoption is supposed to be about finding families for the children that need homes. That is the way adoption is sold to society in a carefully homed marketing message as controlled by the adoption industry and reported on by the mass media.

Finding Faults in Current Adoption Practices is NOT “Anti-Adoption”

The truth is that the adoption system is greatly flawed. It is a profit driven industry. Both adoptive parents and natural parents are exploited for what they bring to the table: money for fees and children for transfer. The children adopted are treated like a commodity with the transfer of parental rights to a child bought and sold.

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What the Adoption Agencies & Professionals Don’t Want You to Know About Adoption in the USA

Most people view adoption as a wonderful altruistic act that is a win win for all parties involved.  The birth parents cannot raise a child for whatever reason and other, more establish couples are waiting to have children or add to their families and they cannot.  The general consensus is “Finding homes for all those unwanted children.” It sounds like a adoption is meeting the needs of society.

The problem is that adoption is a business, a big business.  There is lots of money to be had by those who make their living from the transferring of parental rights from one party to another.  If adoption was truly a societal need, then there wouldn’t be such profits to be had.

Money and Profit in US Adoptions

Adoption is over a 14 billion dollar a year industry by anyone’s best approximation.

How the Real World Sees Adoptees, Adoptive Parents and Birthmothers

In the adoption community there are tons of conversations about “educating” the general public about adoption. Depending on how you are adoption affected, what you think needs to happen will be very different.

The Adoption Stereotypes; Limiting and Hurtful, also Untrue

Adoptive Parents want people to accept their families built by adoption and complain about the stupid questions people ask like “Where is her real mother?” Adoptees are suppose to be happy and grateful that they were somehow saved from either “ending up in an dumpster” or “from being aborted”. Adoptees are “lucky”.The general public likes to blame the birth mother’s pain on her own irresponsible choices. She is punished for her fertility and the sexual drive that got her pregnant in the first place.

Basically, unless you are actually adoption affected, and even then, only if you have done your own research and homework, most people have no clue about adoption.

Mobile County, Alabama; Baby Racketeering

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Adoption Is Exhausting

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“Baby Cuddlers” Ploy for Agency to Collect More Money

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