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am i pregnantWhen facing an ill-timed or unplanned pregnancy, it is very easy to feel like you have nowhere to turn to. Based on your particular circumstances, the happy occurrence of having a baby can quickly turn into a crisis pregnancy where you feel more there has been a fuse lit and a ticking time bomb is about to go off in your life.  Suddenly, everything is about to change in less than 9 months and it seems impossible to be prepared and that feeling is normal even in an planned pregnancy.

The first thing to understand is that you are NOT alone. Studies show that 50% of ALL live births are the result of an unplanned pregnancy.  Right away,  you can be assured that 50% of the mothers you know also wrestled with the feelings of doom associated when that second line of positive appeared in the pregnancy tester. Feeling unprepared is completely natural.

The problem isn’t that you didn’t plan for this pregnancy ( unplanned) to happen or that maybe even you really didn’t want this pregnancy  (unwanted) to happen, the only things that really matters  is whether or not you WANT to be a mother.  And unless you choose to have an abortion, chances are that you will have a baby within nine months and you will be a mother.  So if you are planning on carrying this pregnancy to term, whatever has made this pregnancy a “crisis” in your life needs to be fixed, so your baby can come to this world as a welcome joy, not an unwanted, unplanned result of a crisis pregnancy.

Eliminate the Crisis, Not Your Baby

help and assistance for pregnant  women  The goal of this site and the pregnancy information provided for you  is to help you find the help and assistance you need so that this pregnancy is no longer a crisis even if it was originally unplanned.  The idea is to eliminate the crisis.

To further complicate things, when looking for help for a crisis pregnancy, many of the recourse geared towards  helping a women in an “unwanted pregnancy” have their own ulterior motivations to consider.

Many “Crisis Pregnancy Centers” are only there to prevent a woman from choosing to terminate the pregnancy through abortion. While being a Pro-Life  based or religious run Crisis Pregnancy Centers does not, by any means, makes some CPC’s assistance less valuable, there are some that do use the  title “Crisis Pregnancy Center” to mislead a woman about abortion facts or get her to waste enough time so that the abortion option is off the table. Others don’t have real assistance to give after the timeframe for abortion has passed and the unborn child has been “saved”.  Again, this doesn’t mean they are all bad or even what they are trying to all do is bad; just things to be aware of if you choose to use their services. They are great sources for free pregnancy testing and can often be a doorway to other recourses in the area, just keep your eyes open.  If you want unbiased information about the possibility of abortion, a local Planned Parenthood office or a medically based clinic is going to be a safer bet.

Other crisis pregnancy centers or helpful looking established one finds when looking into “unplanned pregnancy options”  are  really geared to usher you down the path to adoption.  There are known cases where an adoption agency and crisis pregnancy center work in tandem with each other. The agency donates to the center and the center in return funnels women facing unplanned pregnancies as referrals to the adoption agency.

Sadly, while a women with a crisis pregnancy might consider  calling and adoption agency just for information to see if perhaps adoption is a better option for this child,  even an adoption agency that says the offer ” pregnancy counseling” or “options counseling” will NOT be able to offer you unbiased information. They might act like they will and it’s very easy to believe that they understand what you are going through, but their job really is to  happily refer  adoption as your best pregnancy option and help you down that path. The simple fact is that there is great profit to be had in adoption and your baby is worth thousands to any adoption agency.

Be wary of anyplace that tries to “help” you by separating you and your child, or finds it reasonable to “save” your child, but not help YOU get out of the situation you are in. It’s rather inhuman to “help” a mother to remove her baby form a situation and then turn around and leave a mother to deal with the same bad scène but now without her baby.  It’s like saving a mother and child from a burning building and then tossing the mother back into the flames.

The Crisis Pregnancy Information Wiki

Instead, here is an offering  of real options, help and assistance for the women  in who are wonder “Am I pregnant and what can I do to find  help and information for me and my pregnancy”

First, make sure you take advantage of the social service resources offered by federal regulations in your state.

The national listing will explain the basic programs you are ENTITLED to. The use the map to find your state and apply for everything.

There is also a listing of adoption “safe” maternity homes and programs that could be of help.

As everyone situations will be different based on who you are, what you are facing and where you are in life, the list of pregnancy resources is set based primarily on local geographical resources.  There are some national listings here of programs available to all pregnant women  and all expectant moms are encouraged to check the state funded services first. This information is made to be both a living and growing document with the idea being that the infomation will be expanded upon. Also, the pregnancy recourse guide pages are created as Wikis; so that users can both update and add information as needed.

The bottom line is that there is help available for you to successfully parent your baby & be the best mother your child needs you to be… together.

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