The Adoption Lists

The Adoption Lists

A Great Tool for the Adoption Community

Listly is a third party site that is great for group collaboration. It’s easy to sign in, make a profile and collaborate.  I usually make a new Adoption List for subjects that seem to be wide conversations in AdoptionLand. For instance if a bunch of adoption bloggers are all talking about similar subjects, a Listly list allows us all to keep them in one place.

More Voices, More Shares, More Embeds

Listly updates in real time. So when you add something to The Adoption Lists, where ever the list is embedded, that list updates too. Even if you are not participating in a particular Adoption list, you can help by sharing the list link or, even better, embedding the list on your own blog or website.

To Embed an Adoption List: all you have to do is click the embed icon on that list and choose the code that your site needs. Most of them work just fine with Java Script HTML.

Sharing and embedding The Adoption List is a great way to help support the Adoption Community!

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Craigslist Adoption Truth Project Update!

Over half of the US States have TRUTHFUL adoption advertisements on Craigslist telling women of the risks of adoption relinquishment. Pick a state and add your voice to promote truthful adoption information to at risk mothers. The Adoption Industry has told us that Craigslist is the most used source for adoptive parents placing ads looking for potential Birthmothers, so we go there too!

Secondary Adoptee Rejection in Adoption Reunions

No one is trying to find their birthmothers to throw stones or cast blame, yet on that emotional level we have to acknowledge that the adoptee can feel rejected by the act of adoption placement whether voluntary or forced. It doesn’t matter how they can now, as adult, intellectualize the circumstances of their relinquishment, the child inside still knows the pain and that child wants it’s mother. There is an innocence there in this need to reconnect. It is pure feeling.

Angels of Love Adoption Agency and a Relinquishment Under Question

Rachel signed away her rights to her newborn son in the hospital parking lot under duress, the influence and questionable pretenses. Angels of Love Adoption Agency waited until Rachel was discharged and out of the protection of the hospital and blindsided her in the hospital parking lot was she was trying to take her newborn home.

The Adoption Lists: Was It My Destiny to Become a Birthmother?

No matter how much he was wanted and loved, if it was not me who was pregnant and scared, then they would have gladly taken the next child available. Nobody misses the ex boyfriend that they didn’t date or the fantasy kids in a marriage that never was. And they would not miss my son that never was either.

Why We Fight For Adoptee Rights

As one week from today is the Adoptee Rights Demonstration in Chicago, Illinois I would like to propose a celebratory meme. Even if you can’t physically be there, you can help pepper the internet air waves with news and the reasons why you support Adoptee Rights!

The Adoption Lists: Oxygen’s I’m Having Their Baby

The Reaction of the Adoption Community The Oxygen Network’s New Show “I’m Having Their Baby” has caused quite a commotion in the adoption community to say the least. While we have seen expectant mothers considering adoption to be exploited before for entertainment value (The 2004 20/20 Barbara Walters Adoption Special “Be My Baby”) or the brunt of “funny” jokes and black humor (2007’s Juno), the issue isn’t so much the…