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Welcome to the Open Adoption Experience

I’m an Adult Adoptee Raised in Open Adoption

Hi, I’m Kat.

Many times I feel that others think open adoption is the ideal solution to an unplanned or crisis pregnancy. It is said that, compared to a closed adoption, the open door in adoption allows the adoptee to go into a better situation where there is family and financial stability while maintaining contact with his or her biological family to obtain answers about heritage and genetics.

Considering Open Adoption as an Unplanned Pregnancy Option?

If you are an expectant mom, perhaps for different reasons, you may be contemplating open adoption for this very reason. Maybe someone has told you that it is a great solution, or maybe you have seen open adoption portrayed positively in movies or on TV. Possibly you are on the fence about placing your baby for adoption, but a professional in the adoption industry has said that you will still be able to have contact with your baby through open adoption.

Typically when people debate something, there are those who may say that it is wonderful or beautiful. Still others say it is horrendous. Usually in the middle, there is the truth of complexities.

While many people say open adoption is a ‘one big happy family’ solution, I wonder about the child. Is it possible that a child could go through open adoption and feel: isolation, confusion, jealousy, rage, sadness and loss just like those in closed adoption?

Know What Open Adoption Might Mean for Your Adopted Child

I’m assuming that you are here because you are researching open adoption. While it is important for you to know what you are getting yourself into, it’s also important to know what you are asking of your child. The final outcome of an open adoption as seen and felt by the actual adoptee who lived it is the  one perspective that I can give you insight into.

So please take a few moments to look around at the posts to see the adopted child’s perspective. This is your chance to explore what adoption / open adoption may be like for your child that you are thinking about relinquishing to an open adoption.

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