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While everyone seems to love an adoption story; whether it be adoption horror stories or adoption reunion stories, adoption success stories  or adoption stories gone wrong – these seem to capture the interest of the general public who want to peek into our lives like adoption voyeurs. However, not all books about adoption are stories about adoption. Though the adoption memoir has a place, there are many more informational books about adoption that should also be well known and on everyone’s books shelves.

A Relevant Adoption Book List

There are many MORE books about “how to adopt a child” or even “adoption books for kids”; those will NOT be my primary focus, but some will be included here even if only to even out the lists and also for SEO purposes. I’m going to do my best here to break adoption books down via categories.  Obviously some books will be relevant across the board and serve to meet more than one need.  The books that I HAVE read myself will be so noted, but obviously I have not read them all.

Add Your Voice and Review Adoption Books

Opinions, personal reviews and discussion on each adoption book is encouraged in the comments of each books post. If there is an book about adoption listed here that you personally have read and would like to offer up your review, please let me know! I’m more than happy to add that in and credit you as wished. On the same note, if there are books NOT listed here that you feel should be; get in touch. It is  especially important to me that the books authored from those within our community get highlighted as such and I will do my best to included them first.  If you have a new publication that you would like me to read, review and post, send me the book!

Adoption Books Written by Birth Mothers, for Birthmothers

Adoption Books Written By Adopted Persons-The Adoptee Memoir

Adoption Reunion Stories- Both Successes and Reunions Gone Wrong

The Best Adoption Books – How to Understand Adoption; a Must Have List

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