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Why Donate to Musings of the Lame?

  • Because you see value in this website and want to see it continue.
  • Because you received something from this website and know it is worth it to you.
  • Because you want to help continue our march to truth in some way, form or fashion.

The truth is, no one pays me to do this work. I do it because I can. Finding the adoption community online has been my lifeline, my education, my therapy; together working towards our cause has become my passion, my calling, my purpose. Adoption has taken away and  then give back. I have taken away and must give back as well. I am blessed to have the support of my family and my friends who understand this and have all sacrificed to allow for me to follow a dream of truth. Without them, I could not have left my full time marketing job and listened to the universe when it told me that this is what I must dedicate my time to, but we still need to eat.

I’m not a non-profit. I’m not tax deductible. And I only have words to sell and they are offered freely.

I Sell Nothing, I Have Only Words

I was in NYC when it was made clear to me that for me to follow my path, I had to leave my job. It was at a big marketing/ blog conference and I was sitting in on a blog marketing track. The speaker was talking about all the things needed to make a blog successfully and I mentally checked off the list; community, network, authority, links, connections, readers, mixed media, comments.. all OK. Email lists, calls to action, advertisements, and products.. all missing. Some of these things I can fix, but how could I wrap my head around something that I sell?

The speaker went on to say something along the lines of “No one comes to a blog to just read!”

My mind said “My people do.”

He asked ” What is it that you give them, what do they receive?”

My heart said, “I give them sanity. I give them validation. I give them acknowledgement. I give them a voice. I give them a community, I give them a home. I give them normality… and I cannot put a monetary figure on that.”

So I had no idea how to make this work, but I quit my job anyway.

I decided to go freelance, doing what I know, what I am really good at and what I live to do. I call it Adopting Social and it is working, but the fact is, the more time I work the less time I have for adoption issues.

Donating directly keeps me here.

I have Pay Pal set up. Please click on the BIG red button:

PLEASE NOTE: This link will take you to the CORRECT PayPal account. The email it is under is and his “before we were married name”: michael fitzgerald.  PayPal will ONLY allow ONE account to be connected to any one back account and Rye set this one up years ago. It is verified to our joint account, and almost impossible to change out the primary email to be MINE.. or brand the account to represent MY work. But yes, I am really the one!!

You can give whatever you like.
I know that some people prefer snail mail and good old fashioned checks. I am not picky at all and accept help however it comes. If you want to stick something in the mail, I will get it at 168 Wall Street, Kingston NY 12401.

If you’d like to know more about the cost of adoption advertisingsponsorship, or just want to contact me, I am here. If you have a project that needs help with online production & promotion, copy-writing, SEO optimization  social media, training, or just geeky help, you can hire me too.

I’m going to keep doing this as long as I can either way.

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