The US mail works…

Better than certain electronic things that are suppose to notify you!

I was looking back in my certain mailbox…updating another space where I do keep all my correspondace from Max in one place and share. Surprise..I had totally missed a message from him! It was about his pirate bandaides package, but also mentioned THE LETTER…

“Oh, and Momma and Poppa G got your letter. Yeah… I forgot a very important thing… tax season. They SUCK during tax season. Like, a lot. More than usual. Which is why I didn’t hear about it. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it beforehand. They didn’t mention it untill I got the band-aids, which they were very cool with.

My mum was being an asstard though, she was all like “Claudia took long enough to reply to our last letter” or some crap like that.

Like I said, they suck during tax season.”

So still no reply..and I have stopped looking at my bulk mail..I just can;t take it…though now I will have to go though all 3 thousand ( not kidding).

So cool with bandaides..that’s a good sign. Maybe the letter was taken to heart???

I ‘splained why I didn’t reply to that last one…AND it was not like it was a “correspondance” kind of update. It was more of a “here it is” kind of thing…but whatever!!
Still all good to know. Feeling ….hopeful?
And I got pictures from the prom…hee hee and his GF promised me more from her prom next week. 🙂

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3 Comments on "The US mail works…"

  1. It’s good you found out some information anyway. Who knows..maybe now with tax Season over you’ll get a reply.

    Very cool getting prom pics…yeah!!!

  2. It does sound hopeful in a strange twisted way it gives me a lot of hope that you and the parents will build some kind of polite and warmish?? (well don’t want to be THAT hopeful…) relationship.

    It doesn’t look as bad as it did before, that’s what I mean….

    And isn’t it gorgeous that you got prom photos, that’s just wonderful.

  3. ((Claud))

    Could you just do a search in your email for their address?

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