Can You Help Build up the Pregnancy Resources Lists?

Got Some Time for Google Researching to Help Keep Families Together?

Dear Friends in AdoptionLand,

While it is known that birthmothers post adoption and adoptees all need more support and services, it is also very true that prevention is always the name of the game. If we can help more women form going to the adoption agencies for help when they are in a crisis pregnancy situation, then post adoption support is not needed.

I am tired of hearing us lament that if we had know there was help, then we would have managed to keep our babies. I am so sick or seeing the aggressive advertising for “Pregnant? We can Help!” leading to the endless line of adoption agencies. I am fed up with trying to make it better after it is too late. There is not enough time in the day to post enough warnings to mothers who are pregnant and considering adoption. There is not enough anti-Kool-Aid anecdote to be able to wean off an expectant mom of  the agency rainbow BS in time for her to get her wits about after the agencies have wined dined and seduced her with their lies.

After thinking about this for all too long and then talking about this project for another too long, I am happy to announce that I am FINAILLY getting this off the ground.

Announcing the Beginning of  a “Center for Crisis Pregnancy Options” Online

( yes, that is a mouthful of ridiculous words.. all about Google baby.. all about Google. THAT is what the ladies search for! After the #1- “am I pregnant”

So if you will notice in the main menu now, there is a tab for those who are pregnant. Using my sneaky bag of Google SEO tricks, I have done the keyword research to see what are the most searched for terms in order to have the mothers who need help find these pages. While I have an overall page, and a national services page, and the very beginnings of state social services started, obviously there needs to be MUCH MUCH MORE.  Hence, this is where I ask you to help me help other women who don’t even know how much they need us.

First Order of Business 49 more State Pages Needed!

I have completed a basic template of services for New York, my home state. The format and basic directions are simple. It’s really just a matter of spending a few hours Googling and then copying and pasting information and links.

Will you help me get the other 49 pages up? Send me an email at telling me what state you can do and I will send you the document template to work from. I’m happy to give credit and authorship to anyone.. or heck, they can be dedicated to someone personally. I don’t care.. whatever works for you.  I just want to be able to get this information out there and give those damn agencies a good run for their money!

Here’s the state map so far and if you claim a state I will make it gray so we know it is in process. If it is red, then it is done!

I’m adding a link to the template document here on Google: You should be able to copy the whole thing/ download and then follow the directions to do your state! Let me know if you have an issues!

Finding More Local Recourses for Expectant Mothers

After the state pages are done, then the idea is to be really break down and get more fine toothed for local services. Right now, Austin Texas has been created ( Thanks Sunny!) so that is being used as the local area template. If you are up to donating some more time for research, I’d be more than happy to send that formatted over to you as well!

Here’s the region map with urban areas defined. ( they can be looked up here:  Same color coding as the state map. If you can take on your closest area THAT would be AWESOME!

Here is the link to the Local Pregnancy resources files:

The idea of course, is to be able to do more than just say “DON’T RELINQUISH” but to be able to provide real help and resources for moms to be able to successfully parent and help themselves without adoption.

In time, I would love to have  as much as possible all in one place so again, it can be found and also so, well,  people can find the help they need. So if you have any suggestions for what YOU were looking for or what YOU needed as far as support PLEASE let me know.

The bottom line is it’s a huge project but SOMEONE has got to do it and the time to start, well.. I say now. Many hands make short work and I could really use your help!

I thank you!

In truth~


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Claudia Corrigan DArcy
Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy has been online and involved in the adoption community since early in 2001. Blogging since 2005, her website Musings of the Lame has become a much needed road map for many mothers who relinquished, adoptees who long to be heard, and adoptive parents who seek understanding. She is also an activist and avid supporter of Adoptee Rights and fights for nationwide birth certificate access for all adoptees with the Adoptee Rights Coalition. Besides here on Musings of the Lame, her writings on adoption issue have been published in The New York Times, BlogHer, Divine Caroline, Adoption Today Magazine, Adoption Constellation Magazine,, Lost Mothers, Grown in my Heart, Adoption Voice Magazine, and many others. She has been interviewed by Dan Rather, Montel Williams and appeared on Huffington Post regarding adoption as well as presented at various adoption conferences, other radio and print interviews over the years. She resides in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband, Rye, children, and various pets.

3 Comments on "Can You Help Build up the Pregnancy Resources Lists?"

  1. I have referred two women to this place. One went to visit and stayed. Her baby was born this year and she is still living there. It seems to me to be what a maternity home should be. Check it out. Located in Georgetown TX

    • Thank you Mary!
      Yes, the places that are KNOWN for really helping like they should and NOT funneling moms to agencies, I plan to highlight. It might be that they a get their own listing pages since they deserve it for the work they do, Not QUITE up to that part yet, but I have added the link to my list of “to-do’s.

  2. Bernadette | July 1, 2015 at 1:48 pm |

    Origins-USA has a list of resources here. It’s far from complete, but it’s a start.

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