You Are Invited: 2016 Saving Our Sisters Summit

SAving Our Sisters from Adoption

By AstridBeeMom

We have been frantically excitedly planning the Saving Our Sisters Summit since the beginning of the year and are ready for you all to register!
Consider this your official invitation!


SOS SUMMIT May 12th – 15th, 2016

Hilton Airport Kansas City
Review the registration form and tentative agenda at:

What is the Summit?

A gathering of “family preservation first” supporters to come together to connect face to face to learn, grow and understand how we are going to continue to support mothers and fathers to successfully be the parents that they want to be and to make a bigger and better impact in the movement to reform adoption and eliminate coercive persuasion used by many unethical adoption “professionals.”

What if I can’t afford the registration fee?
Well, we have a couple of options for you!

First, Clean & Care Laundry Detergent has offered a way for your to pay for your entire registration fee!
This is all explained on the registration form as well on the 2nd page.

Second, if you would like to be added to a sponsorship list, a form is being developed that you will need to complete to be considered.
You can get some of your registration fee paid for from the first option, and then the difference could be made up from donations.
Sponsorship is not guaranteed, as they will be granted based solely on the donations made for them.

Want to sponsor someone else to attend?
Many people have asked about being able to help someone else pay for their registration fee.
We have made this possible! On the registration form you will see a Sponsorship section.
You may designate someone, or you may make a monetary donation to be applied to someone who has applied for a Summit Scholarship.
In order to make a monetary donation, (remember, it can be any amount!), please donate via the standard process by going to the CUB website and donating to SOS or, you can click here.
There is also a way for you to pay online with your debit/credit card, just be sure to select the correct ‘package’ when registering online!

Travel arrangements
Flying? Check out Frontier Airlines Discount Den. If Frontier flies out of an airport near you, it is a way that you can save BIG!
Just watch the per bag fee!
Someone else also mentioned Megabus as another means of cheap travel.
Please review the Summit agenda so you are sure not to miss any of the events!

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Astrid Beemom
"I am a mother to four parented children, first mother to one beautiful daughter, and wife to my husband. In my free time I hang out with my little Yorkie mix and my aloof Siamese cat. I blog mostly about all things related to adoption and it does focus more on unethical adoptions and practices within the adoption industry. My own adoption story was conducted quite ethically, in my opinion, but that does not take away from the reform that is still needed. I co-manage a birthmothers support group, as well as a couple birth family and adoptee support groups online. I believe it is through sharing and learning, from all sides, that real change can happen. I was not forced (unless you count my circumstances, that left me with no choice) into adoption, but I know many who were. And regardless of how ethical my child’s adoption was handled, it still sucks to be forced by circumstances to that “choice.” Occasionally I will blog about other aspects of my life. Above all else I believe it is essential for the voices of the adoptee and birth families to be heard." FInd Astrid at :

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