What are the Costs of Adoption? Is Adoption Trauma?

Avid adoption separation trauma

Avoid the Trauma of Adoption Separation

Separating mother and child causes varying degrees of lifelong trauma for both. If you are pregnant and considering adoption for your baby, please listen to the mothers of adoption loss and more importantly, the adoptees. Educate yourself of the effect adoption will have on both of you before it’s too late.
Anyone (including agencies) that will gain if your baby is adopted will NOT inform you of these life long risks of relinquishment.

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Research, Information, Videos, Interviews  and Articles about Adoption Trauma

Below is a curated list of various resources online that talk about the very real issue of trauma in adoption relinquishment and maternal separation for  babies.

You can add to the Adoption Trauma on  List.ly and you can also embed this list in your blog or website. It will keep updating as the list grows.

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