Well Thanks!!

WTF is trying to adopt?

I am sorry, but I have had to do something that I have made a personal priority never to do..which is moderate my comments and close comment privilages to non members. And let me tell you this REALLY SUCKS! I hate it, I really do.

I have never done so from my own “poke at stick” trolls and anonymous hit and run folks. I have never had to do so to protect myself, but I will do so for someone else. I will do so for a fellow sister of loss. And becasue I cannot sit here all day, unlike some pathethic people, and watch for insanity. I have a life. I have things to do. I cannot be up at 3 am to make sure that hurtful crap is not posted on MY blog.

So we can all thank “blue velvet moon” aka “Travelling Pants” for this. Miss check my blog like 8 times a day from Irvine California who obviously is not spending too much time BEING the wonderful adoptive mother that she claims to be, since she is obviously too focused on stalking not only her child’s mother, but anyplace else that she thinks she might be. What blog is next?
Yeah, old news. I was there to witness this crap over two years ago on Anti Adoption Insights. I banned her then, as Travelling Pants..for this same action. I watched her then try to “make peace” on Adoption Back with intermediatries..to no avail. We all watched as a wonderous voice was silenced AGAIN and AGAIN, with gag orders and threats and stalkings so that not only did this mother lose her child, but she has lost her right to free speach. Her ability to speak though the pain was also cut away.

No, you do not have the right to bring YOUR crap anywhere you choose. THIS is not your playground, it is mine. MY sandbox, MY rules, and you are unwelcome. You have a problem with that..THEN you Email ME. You will be uncermounsiouly deleated from speaking for yourself with your sad and pathetic whines and rationalzations on how you had no other choice. I call BULLSIT. You are a cruel and heartless wrench. Go look in the mirror and stand by yourself with your own petty convictions because NO ONE HERE CARES!

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Musings of the Lame was started in 2005 primarily as a simple blog recording the feelings of a birthmother as she struggled to understand how the act of relinquishing her first newborn so to adoption in 1987 continued to be a major force in her life. Built from the knowledge gained in the adoption community, it records the search for her son and the adoption reunion as it happened. Since then, it has grown as an adoption forum encompassing the complexity of the adoption industry, the fight to free her sons adoption records and the need for Adoptee Rights, and a growing community of other birthmothers, adoptive parents and adopted persons who are able to see that so much what we want to believe about adoption is wrong.

6 Comments on "Well Thanks!!"

  1. To our Sister who expressed her frustration here..I, too, call for the ceasing and desisting of such overt harassment. I’m so sorry that you have had to deal with this. I wish you peace and a good outcome.

    Claud, I am all for you blocking this creature from your blog. You’re a lot more tolerant of the nit-pickers, hit-and-runners and “Mix-it-up” Trolls than I am. This had to have been bad for you to write this post and block a commenter. Good call, Sister.

  2. Claud,

    I’m glad you took this stand. I deleted a comment on my blog after finding out it was a personal attack, but it was hard because I, too, don’t want to censor. After reading your post, I’m glad I made that choice. I’m also glad that we have you as a voice to stand up when needed.

    This whole situation is just so awful. Thank you for saying so, and for giving a voice to the person who needs it.

  3. T,

    I am so sorry this is happening to you.

    With heartfelt concern, love, and support.


  4. ((Claud))

    I’m sorry you had to do that. You are a very strong person to continue to handle all these troll people, and in calling people out on their meanness.

    I stand by you in restricting comments. I had to do it a long time ago.

  5. ugh. i think i know who/what is behind this. thanks for the irvine reference. they visit me too. maybe you can send me the ip privately? just so i can confirm? yes, i know, its a tough call to make. you want to be open and free of speech etc, but you dont want to tolerate any further abuse of natural mothers. went through similar drama myself soem time ago and deleted a bunch of comments. I dont moderate (at this time) but I do delete.

  6. Hi, I’m a regular lurker at your blog. Please don’t apologize for censoring this person. Your blog is your space! So many bloggers now moderate their comments because of the very same thing. You are not alone!

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