A Measure of Justice for Father Garrett Joiner and his Son

I commend Garrett Joiner and his family for effectively doing what so many cannot: they took on a forced and unethical adoption and have won. This outcome is, by my definition, BEST indeed for Baby Boy W. He is not an adoptee. These battles are horrible and heartbreaking and really do take any person’s last bit of sanity, and often, hope. Garrett Joiner, for a young man, a David, fighting the formidable Goliath has held himself up wonderfully and is a fine example and representative of natural families fighting for their parental rights in forced adoptions.

Meanwhile Ohio Legislators Screw Over Fathers’ Rights

The Bill Hurts EVERYONE, but the Adoption Industry!

And yes, this bill is sneaky. The Father’s Rights groups in Ohio had NO idea this was happening. No other stakeholders have been asked. This bill is somehow being pushed through on behalf of the adoption industry as it benefits THEM.

Updating on the Current UnEthical Adoption in Ohio

This CAN be over any minute. If the HAP’s returned Camden to Adoption by Gentle Care and aren’t willing to take the bullet; if the DNA results prove that they will fighting both an illegal consent of the mother and a refusal to consent from a father, then it just might be too much for these unethical characters.

When Newborns are Shuffled Around in Legal Shell Games

And I am frustrated, now completely, in the manner that this moves along legally. When a newborns life and well being hangs in the balance, and his lifelong issues of trust and security are being compromised, this becomes a game of legal motions, petitions, actions, courts and stays. I swear there should be some kind of judicial rush that comes into play when a child’s life and well being hangs in balance. Yet, case after case, we watch as the games drag on, financials are drained and the child is the one used like a pawn of adults and agencies with their own agenda. Then the courts have the nerve to rule on a child’s best interest when they themselves had a hand in causing the pain and loss that will accompany almost any outcome.

The Concerned United Birthparents’ Annual Retreat

Registration is Open for CUB’s 2014 Retreat

What: Concerned United Birthparents annual Retreat
Where: Safety Harbor Resort and Spa 105 N. Bayshore Dr., Safety Harbor, FL
When: October 17th to 19th , 2014

Q: What Does it Take to Close Unethical Adoption Agencies Down?

I’m not sure how long an adoption agency should be allowed to thumb their noises at carefully spelled out rules and laws especially when dealing with the welfare of human beings especially children, but ten years and 17 pages is way too much for me.

Erik L. Smith’s; The Ohio Putative Father Registry–the WHAT?

How could a child could be adopted without the birth father’s consent. “ORC 3701.061: A man who has sexual intercourse with a woman is on notice that if a child is born as a result and the man is the putative father, the child may be adopted without his consent pursuant to division (B) of section 3107 of the Revised Code.” That section required the man sign the Putative Father Registry within thirty days after the birth to get notice of the adoption.

What a Father Can Do If Your Girl Friend Wants to Relinquish Your Baby for Adoption

The minute you hear the word “adoption” your fatherhood is in danger. Do not wish it away. Do not think maybe she is going through a phase and will come about. Do not doubt that she will go through with it. If she has contacted an adoption agency or is in contact with a potential adoptive family, then you are in some serious trouble and your child is in serious danger of being adopted out.

Exploiting Adoption for Entertainment Value

I would caution anyone who is considering trying to be cast, that your story will be used possibly to promote a very untruthful, unicorn rainbow fart version of Adoption. I won’t judge anyone for using them for their free private investigative bit, especially if you are at wits end of a hard search, just don’t trust them. Use them, don’t let them use you!

Day 5 of Adoption Activism; NAAM2013- Help Bring Hailey Home

Hailey was given up for adoption at birth without her father’s consent. Her father, Anthony, has been fighting for her even before her birth.This illegal and unethical adoption involves an unethical adoption attempt that was taken to the California Appellate Court. The adoption bid failed with the April 2012 Appeals Court decision – Anthony’s daughter is not even eligible for adoption. Yet, Hailey is still stuck in the failed PAP’s possession as the Guardianship case drags on indefinitely.

The “Unknown” Father in Adoption

The intent behind “protecting” a person from the ugly or not so ugly truth about one’s self might be begun as a kindness, but it is still a lie. So even if you love the person you wish to protect, you are betraying their trust and making a decisions for them based on your feelings, not theirs. You are not trusting them enough with knowledge that is theirs, not yours, to withhold. Truth is truth and no amount of wishing can change that.