Adoption on TV

Nominations Open for CCAI’s “Angels in Adoption” Awards

Perhaps it can be considered our own fault that past recipients of the Angels in Adoption Awards are NOT people from our part of AdoptionLand. I think we should change that. At least we will have more cause to complain if we are actually nominating people that WE think make a difference, rather than watching and grumbling when some other celebrity adoption makes more news.

Never Imagined This

Adoption was supposed to be the thing that let me move on with my life as if I was not a mother. 25 years later, I never expected to see us on the front page of Yahoo news; about adoption of course.

Video Trailers for “Adopted or Abducted?”

Dan Rather Reports: Preview Trailers Dan Rather Reports, “Adopted or Abducted?” will devote the entire hour on Tuesday, May 1st to the heartbreaking accounts of women — most of whom were teens at the time — who were forced to hand their babies over for adoption. In a sweeping and exhaustive six month investigation that spanned from Australia to the United States, producers from Dan Rather Reports conducted nearly one…

Interviewing with Dan Rather Reports

  Dan Rather Investigates Adoption & Coercion Yesterday, April 6th, 2012, I was interviewed by Dan Rather. I usually don’t like writing these kinds of “I’m going here and doing this” kind of thing because it feels insanely self promotional and I end up feeling like a show off and that’s not my intention. However, enough people know and will ask me about it. The one thing I love about…

Adoptees and Sisters Reality Show Casting Call

Prime Time Reality Show Looking for Adoptees and their Sisters I’m just a passing this on….I DO encourage peope to DO these sorts of things, not becasue you want to be on TV, but becasue the more TURE stories out there.. the more it helps. PLEASE remember to SUPPORT ADOPTEE RIGHTS if, you know, you happen to go for it. Mentioning on TV the reality of adoptees sealed records could…

My Adopt-a-tude: More on Find My Family

I was asked to write Adopt-a-tude’s second post in a series about the ABC reality show Find My Family. I most happily agreed. So, yes.. another post on how I feel about ABC’s Find My Family, just in case I have not been clear about it!

A Birthmother’s Perspective of ABC’s Find My Family

I made a point to watch ABC’s Find My Family tonight I normally avoid adoption related shows because I don’t do well with them in general. I yell at the TV and get all worked up. I know it makes Rye nervous. Birthmothers and Adoption TV=Not Fun As a birthmother, I find it is like walking through a land mine; carefully place the my foot down on the next step,…

Finially! The Montel Williams Adoption Scam footage.

Well, not all of it. Just the part starring…me! In case you missed it, back this time around two years ago, I was on the Montel Williams Show and it was pretty horrible. Since then, I have been trying to get the dern thing online. Long story, but even after having the geeks at the office mess with it, it still could not be converted to a playable file. Though…