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Infertility Does NOT Give You the Right to Adopt!

The latest batch of pro-adoption propaganda, “What’s Mine is Yours”, by Katherine Nelson and Deanna Harper, has set a “beautiful” song that highlights the pain and suffering of infertility while promoting adoption and glorifying relinquishment. But with this song and the simplification and romanticism made of the relinquishing mother, Katherine Nelson leaves out millions of real mothers who have suffered a real loss of living, breathing children, many now gown adults. And often this trauma was inflicted by the hands who those claim to want others to understand; women who should be able to appreciate the true longing to be mothers. She promotes a false cure, a band aide, in adoption, by glorifying the very need that claimed so many of our children.

Closing Out National Adoption Awareness Month

Adoption Odds and Ends: Adoption Music, Arts, Films and Events There are ways to finish up National Adoption Awareness Month by supporting and sharing information and links to really great projects the support adoption truth. Here’s some great projects created by adoptees and the people that support them!

Mary Gauthier at The Rosendale Cafe NY

WHO: Adoptee Singer Songwriter Mary Gauthier
WHEN: 3/13/2013
WHERE: Rosendale Cafe, Rosendale , NY
Tickets: $20.00
BONUS: I’ll be there!

More of the Amazing Mary Gauthier

  “Before You Leave” an Adoption Story Once again, I find myself happy that I landed in this weird wide adoption world. Yes, I hate that adoption is in my life and probably always will hate how my family was separated. Yet, as always I am so thankful for all the wonderful people that I get to met along this journey. One of those people is Mary Gauthier.

Adoptee Rock Wilk Coming to the Hudson Valley

Kingston Receiving an Emotional Journey of Adoption Truth I love it when the universe comes to a full circle. When I was working on the Blondie Music Video I got to talking to the one of the producers of the local Kingston venue where the video was shot . Now Hudson Valley locals know it as BSP, or Backstage Studio Productions, on Wall Street, right down the block from both…

Free CD’s For Adoptee Rights

Tweet for Mary Gauthier’s The Foundling I have 6 copies of Adoptee Mary Gauthier’s The Foundling to give away for free, but you have to Tweet for them! Let me explain… When I first heard of Mary Gauthier and her upcoming CD release titled The Foundling, I was really excited.. so I wrote her an email and she replied! Then when I got to see her perform at the Rosendale…

Adoptee Songwriter Mary Gauthier at the Rosendale Cafe

A Haunting Musical of a Rejected Bastards Emotional Journey Sometimes I have nothing to write about for adoption and sometimes I have oodles. We are in the middle of an oodles period. In the last three days I have: Seen a screening of the soon to be released movie “Mother and Child” which I reviewed on GIMH. Had an intense and brilliant three hour interview with a NY high school…

Adoptee Mary Gauthier; Adoption Music “The Foundling”

Amazing find today via Googel Alerts! I have “adoption, birhtmother and adoptee” loaded up and get daily alerts which i *try* to go through and share links that seem worthy of interest ( usually on Twitter or Facebook). Anyway today I got this one and followed the link, quite unsure of how adoption plays into it: Mary Gauthier’s New Album;Experiences as an Adopted Child Celebrated singer-songwriter Mary Gauthier’s album promises…

Darryl McDaniels & Zara Phillips Adoptee Rights Video

Adoptees Video says I’m Legit Unfortunately, the laws still say that they are not. Please, rate the video on YouTube, comment, share etc. The more good attention it gets over theri the higher it will show up on the YT searches.. and the more it will be seen. The 16 year old inside me is still broken hearted that I didn’t get over to the actual video filming. I guess…