Adoption by Gentle Care

Closer To The Finish Line: Camden Stearns, Adoption by Gentle Care, and The Appeal

By AstridBeeMom I know it has been some time since there has been an “official” update on the case of Carri Stearns and her son, Camden. The Facebook page has been maintained and updated, but there has not been anything more coming out than what you are seeing there. For this reason, it has been decided that I will try to fill some very big shoes, those of the great…

Bringing Camden Home Update- at One Year, On His Birthday

The three judges, two women, one man, sit behind what looks to be a cherry and oak huge bench. This bench crosses the whole length of the room, separating us and the lawyers, from the judges, from justice. I really just want to cross that divide and just be able to sit with these folks, who I see as just human beings, and tell them what has been going on in this little boy’s life. I want to plead with them to please do the right thing and make this family whole again. But the “process” means briefs and files and wait times and others who posture and dance, more hurry up to deadlines, and then wait wait wait, more wasted time, lost forever, wasted by this unethical adoption agency, in this baby’s life.

American Adoptions and Scott Mars’ Adoption Marketing Empire

It’s obvious that American Adoptions under Scott Mars’ routine of smoke and mirrors, doesn’t take transparency and true accountability very seriously. And while perhaps Scott Mars did start his American Adoption empire with some nice misplaced foggy adoptee loyalty in the beginning, at this point and seeing all these internet marketing shenanigans, he is in so darn deep there is no way he is spared from the culpability and corruption. on the Adoption by Gentle Care and Camden case.

What Does Adoption by Gentle Care, American Adoptions and Adoption Circle Have in Common?

I knew that American Adoptions and Adoption by Gentle Care had a connection. I had, however, erroneously though that American Adoptions had come in and helped out Adoption by Gentle Care financially AFTER the whole Grayson Vaughn episode. While I had thought that the bigger national American Adoptions agency had been asked to step in and help the poor struggling Adoption by Gentle Care after the last legal fight, it’s actually the opposite that happened. American Adoptions was pretty tight in with A Adoption by Gentle Care BEFORE and DURING the Grayson Vaughn situation and it was AFTER the ruling, that American Adoptions looked to pull back and disassociate themselves publicly from AGC!

In the Sprit if the Holidays; Adoption by Gentle Care is a Grinch

We have given them multiple outs practically on silver platter and they keep on hurting themselves and then try to blame others for their actions. Really, it’s simply a matter of choice and consequences. They choose to keep on doing the wrong thing and then the consequence of that choice is that people are critical. If you want people to stop thinking bad things about you, then perhaps a novel idea would be to STOP doing the very thing that you are being criticized for. How many times to I have to spell it out: Just give Camden back!

The Battle of Adoption Bills in Ohio

if you give a flying fig about the rights of natural parents and do not want carte blanche to be given to the already troublesome practices of Ohio’s adoption agencies, then Please.. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN OHIO go find an Ohio senator or representative and tell then so! BOTH bills are BAD news! And while you are there and got their ear, mention that Baby Camden still is NOT home!

Censoring the Truth and Issuing Lies

We get to the place where Adoption by Gentle Care is whining to the court to shut off the internet based on a concocted story peppered with false statements and more mistruths. So you are lying to prevent others from knowing that you are lying? Their logic, or lack of, just kills me. If they just stopped being “butts” as my kids would say, then I wouldn’t have to take about them being such butts.

Adoption by Gentle Care; A History of Unethical Choices

I personally am rather tired of having to explain to people that Carri and Camden’s case is not an isolated incident, but rather only part and partial of a long history of poor choices made by a greedy and unethical agency who has made it their business model to use, and abuse or ignore when it suits them, the current Ohio adoption laws to their personal advantage. If we are not so easily able to dismiss “just that one experience,” then I think it is clear that for Adoption by Gentle Care, this is not their first unethical rodeo by any means. This is how they do the business of adoption.

Adoption by Gentle Care Wins

The Pound Pup Legacy Annual Demons of Adoption Award

Upon a successful 2nd nomination and upon election within the Adoption community for rightfully pointed out the wrongdoings and condemned the practices Pound Pup Legacy hereby thus denounces the dubious honor of receiving the Eighth Annual Demons of Adoption Award in 2014 to:

Adoption by Gentle Care of Columbus, Ohio

Who shall now receive the most critical recognition in Adoption including the scorn, disgust, and public flogging pertaining hereto this most infamous recognition in the city of AdoptionLand, in the state of the Internet, on this tenth day of November in the year two thousand and fourteen.

Has Adoption by Gentle Care Moved Camden Again to a Fourth Family?

I’m not sure why (if) Camden was moved again to a fourth family and why Adoption by Gentle Care did so now when the case is being appealed and the legal risk for any adoptive family is far from over. Of course, now another possible family has put their heart out on the line and is possibly involved. They are now open to be hurt. Is this the right thing to do to people? Is this looking out for their clients’, never mind the sick baby, best interests?

865 Pages of Transcripts to Bring Camden Home!

The finial cost estimate for what is needed is 179, 317, and 379 pages at $5.50 a page. I’ll save you the math; it’s $4,700.00 and really should be ordered as soon as possible, like next week.
So, are we ready to make a miracle happen again? You help and support during this has been nothing short of amazing and only with YOU have we been able to keep this moving along. It’s not Adoption. It’s not Gentle. It’s not Care.
With your help, we can fight this and make it right. I know we can. I believe in us all.

Hey Media Folks- Anyone Want a REAL Story for National Adoption Month?

With National Adoption Month coming up in November, I am sure your publication is preparing heartwarming tales to highlight adoption. I would like to tell you about a story that doesn’t fall under the normal feel good, but is instead, a complete fallacy of everything we want to celebrate about adoption. It is a story about corrupting and the abuses of power. It is a story about a mother in crisis having that vulnerability exploited, trusting the wrong people and then fighting a system that wants to shut her down. The world needs to know about such injustices happening in the name of adoption. This is not adoption. It is the forcible separation of a family based on a wrongly interpreted law and repeated illegal acts.

This is YOUR Appeal and I Thank You

And I am thrilled to say that Carri’s amazing legal team did indeed file the Notice of Appeal in Ohio’s tenth district Court of Appeals this morning.
The door to justice was about to lock shut and all of us, we threw our bodies into the that door and shoved out feet in that crack and now, that door shall remain open.