Adopted Siblings

Avoiding Sibling Separation in Adoption

By Mirah Riben Michael Allen Potter and his brother and sister were taken from their schizophrenic mother and adopted separately. He writes in “Le Roi Inconnu”: “I stare at people more than I should on the subway. …. One of my greatest fears is to be two seats behind my brother or my sister and not realize it until they’ve stepped onto the platform and the doors are closing behind…

A Reunion Question- When Your Relinquished Child Wants to Live with You

Please share your challenges, problems, solutions, and experiences IF your relinquished child has lived with you again post adoption reunion? Or better yet IF you are an adoptee who did move back and live with your original family, what worked? What didn’t? What did you need that you didn;t get or wish had happened? And yes, please use the gift of hindsight to apply to your lessons learned!

There Is No Escaping Mother’s Day for Birthmothers

On a day meant to honor motherhood, you can’t help thinking of the one you never get to see. You can’t help missing those who are missing from your life. Mother’s Day, like birthdays and holidays of any sort, become a time to reflect and wonder where your child is and who he honors on that day. Does he think of you? Does he wonder? What is his name and are his eyes as blue?

The Ripple Effect in Adoption: Thoughts from a Kept Sibling

We are the kept children, the siblings of the one that got away. We didn’t experience the trauma. We are not the rock and we are not the water. We are THE RIPPLE EFFECT. We are the ones who grew up with damaged parents and phantom brothers and sisters.

About Adoptee Rights: An Open Letter to the News Media

These stories are not isolated. Various members of the adoption community have created vast clearing houses of these images on the many social media sites form Facebook, to Pinterest, to Tumbler where they are tweeted, shared, and hopefully, maybe, find their way to the one person who could provide clues about their origins. We tirelessly share and promote our fellow Adoptionland members and pray that they find those whom they seek. There are over a hundred images like this with the numbers growing daily.

The Next Stage for Adoption Truth Conversations

To me, it is clear that we need to have our own show. The response to that idea posted to Facebook was met with enthusiasm. I have gone over all the instructions and documentation. I think it will be fairly easy to pull this off or at least to get it started. Essentially, you and I will sit on either end of a webcam/ Ipad and just talk about adoption. Except it will be live on air on Google Plus and also streaming to YouTube! I’m actually really looking forward to being able to actually speak to so many of us! It will be like we are really hanging out talking about adoption in person!

A Slight Move Forward by New York State for Adoptees

I was thrilled to hear that Mr. Carucci has left his post as the Director of NYS Vital Records and we have a new Director, Mr. Guy Warner in his place. I’m not sure if he gets any of the credit, but today the news was released that New York State has expanded their Registry to include those Born in New York and adopted in other states and those Born in other states and adopted in New York!

Adoptees and Sisters Reality Show Casting Call

Prime Time Reality Show Looking for Adoptees and their Sisters I’m just a passing this on….I DO encourage peope to DO these sorts of things, not becasue you want to be on TV, but becasue the more TURE stories out there.. the more it helps. PLEASE remember to SUPPORT ADOPTEE RIGHTS if, you know, you happen to go for it. Mentioning on TV the reality of adoptees sealed records could…

Finding Normal; Visits with Adopted Siblings

Maybe it just had to be like this. No advanced planning, no time to think, no opportunity to worry, wonder of second guess; just a chance to hit the road and once again, begin the journey back to Boston, back to my son. Could it be that I was actually going to Boston for a work function and my son, relinquished, searched for, found, and now four years into reunion, was meting us to watch the kids for me? A child care crisis gives adoption reunion a new name: NORMALITY

That it was the day before Mother’s Day and officially, urg, Birthmother’s Day made it only the more sweet.

Mother’s Day: Still a Disappointment

And the Hope Never Dies I tell myself not to expect anything. I know not to set myself up for disappointment, but still, it’s impossible to avoid. For years, my mother’s day routine has been to go out and get myself all my spring annuals and just spend the day gardening my fool self off. Then, starting off from the years of being a single mom to one little boy…

Acknowledgement, Validation, Apologies, and Parenting

I have learned so much from being a parent. I have learned so much from being thrust into the reality of adoption. I have learned so much form my journey online. I have learned so much from the pain of life. My head has been spinning lately and my heart feels heavy. I haven’t been writing because I have been thinking too fast. Life keeps coming and I can’t find…

My Most Treasured Photo of Adoption

I’m late to the Adoption Carnival Party today, but I’m still going to play: This month’s Grown in my Heart Adoption Carnival is: Carnival III: Photos of Adoption. What is your most treasured adoption photo (or two)? Block out faces if you have to, find a scanner, or simply tell us about it if you can’t post it. We do understand that. For me, my most tresured Adoption Photos is…

Just the Max Facts!

I love the Holiday Season! OK, if Rye saw that I just typed this out he would be mocking me because going in to Christmas, I am a wreck. But now that it is over….whew.. gald it’s over! But what I do adore, is that it makes a certain son of mine crawl out of the woodwork! a call from the Max! Which was really funny as I had…

Core Style: The Power of Genetics in Adoption Reunions

Tristan came home today with Scholastic’s Parent & Child in his backpack. So somewhere as I put off making dinner, I did my best to ignore the sounds of Pokeman as they explode form the TV, and took a gander at this nice piece of fluff. What Make Your Child Tick? Interesting enough, I actually found an article that peeked my interest, “What Makes Your Child Tick?” and within that…