Surrogacy, Donor Eggs, and Legal Battles, Oh My!

What Can be Learned from the Cindy Close Texas “Just a Surrogate” Battle

While this isn’t a direct adoption related story, it is in many ways as it touches on many of the same issues and injustices that we see currently happening in the United States and worldwide today.

Quick Run Down of the Custody Battle in Texas

Cindy Close and Marvin McMurrey decide to have children together. They had known each other since 2005 and neither had prospects for families by time they were in their forties. They were not in a romantic relationship, but the story goes that they planned on co-parenting.

McMurrey ‘s sperm was used for IVF. Due to Cindy’s age (47-48), they used donor eggs and Cindy was technically a gestational mother with no genetic relationship to the twins that were successfully implanted during the second round of IVF that McMurrey paid for. According to the reports, both parents were happy with the upcoming birth of the twins. There is some discussion that Cindy might have been pushed to opt for the donor eggs, but that also would have increased her changes of actually baring the children.

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