RIARG: RI Adoptees Resource Group Monthly Meetings

Rhode Island Adoptee Support

WHO:  RIARG RI Adoptees Resource Group

WHEN:  3rd Thursday of  every month (email for the time)

WHERE:  5 New London Avenue  Cranston, RI (locations change, please confirm)

WEBSITE: RI Adoptees Resource Group 


BONUS: John Greene runs this Adoptee Support Group!!

An Adoption Support Group That Changed Laws

On July 2, 2012, Rhode Island Adoptees, age 25 years and older, were finally able to obtain their original birth certificates! At least, 700 RI Adoptees have requested their OBC in Rhode Island since the Adoptee Rights Access laws were changed. In addition, with the success of this bill, legislators have also agreed to look at the law and reduce the age limit to 18, which would make Rhode Island the 7th state in the US to stop denying adult adoptees access to their original identities! Hats off to The amazing John Greene and RIARG for making this happen!

Get Your OBS and Support for Rhode Island Adoption Searches and Reunions!

The Rhode Island Adoptee Resource Group (RIARG) is a group of local adoptees who are encountering the same journey as the 700 adoptees who obtained their OBC, together. Many adoptees assume that obtaining the OBC is an end, an end for a lifetime of curiosities and assumptions.  But most adoption reunions are a journey made without a road-map.

Since you will never find a “How to” section in any medical or psychology book on how an adoptee should feel.   RIARG is a family-like group of local adoptees supporting each other in a variety of ways, in the capacity that we are a bunch of brothers and sisters looking out for each other and offering guidance and insights as we experience all this for the very first time. We meet at least once a month at places like Panera Bread in the Warwick/Cranston area and chat over coffee and a bite to eat.

For Rhode Island adoptees, RIARG is a must.

An Invite From John Greene

From one adoptee to another, I invite you to be a part of RIARG. I can’t guarantee we’ll have all the answers or know what’s going to happen next with your experience, but i can say that being with a group of people in the same boat makes sailing a heck of a lot easier than going about it by yourself.


Please fill out the online adoptee questionnaire so they know best what kind of support you need and how they can best help you.

Directions: https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Providence%2C+RI&daddr=+5+New+London+Avenue++Cranston%2C+RI

Email for more information: riadopteeresourcegroup@gmail.com

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