Opposition to Adoptee Rights in Missouri

Missouri Adoptee Rights Legisaltion and OBC access

“Mother  May I” Bill Introduced- Please Help Kill This Imposter Bill

Missouri Adoptee Rights Legisaltion and OBC accessOur friends and fellow warriors at the Missouri Adoptee Rights Movement are in need of help; immediate fast help in their fight to free adoption records.

While their hearing for HB647 Original Birth Certificate Access for adult adoptees went well, there is opposition and they are gaining speed. Two folks, from Catholic Charities and Lutheran Family Services opposed the Adoptee Rights bill, and threw together an opposing bill HB1112 which they have already, in less than 2 weeks,  managed to get to a committee AND a public hearing on Monday March 16th at 12:00 central.  AGGG!!! Do I even need to say how this is a bad bill? BAD BILL!

A Clean Fair OBC Bill vs.  A Legal Child Needing Permission?

HB 647 is a clean OBC bill that would allow the adopted adult to apply for their OBC and receive a copy of it by paying the same fee that they do for their amended birth certificate.

HB 1112  is basically a really convoluted and illogical “Mother May I” bill  that would require that the adopted adult get a court order and go through the same process that is currently set in place for records. To get identifying records, the court would have to locate the parents and either get permission or prove that they are deceased. This would also mean that the adopted person needs to know what county and/or agency finalized their adoption. Missouri Adoptees and searches are already facing  difficulties with many counties who cannot find the adoption files, so many adopted adults cannot ask their first parents’ permission for anything because if the court clerk cannot find the file then they don’t know who to ask. It’s just illogical to think that the states and courts with limited research of knowledge would be able to do much better.

But more important than that; NO ADULT should have to ask the PERMISSION of their unknown parent to access their OWN documentation.

Help Missouri Adoptees

It is URGENT that Adoptee Rights supporters come out in full force Monday March 16th. This is the hearing for the agency bill HB1112, and we need to show strong opposition. We need to gather anyone who can be there IN PERSON to support HB647. They don’t all have to speak, and they can be friends, neighbors, co-workers whoever can fill seats on our behalf.

The committee will vote on both bills on Tuesday March 17th to pass or not.

Come to: Jefferson City Capitol  at 201 West Capitol Avenue, Jefferson City, MO 65101. The group  will meet at 11:00 in the Capitol cafeteria on the 16th as we have done in the past.  Please contact Deb Guinn Donatti , Heather Dodd or Missouri Adoptee Rights Movement for more information and to let them know you can be there!

If you absolutely cannot make it, please submit written testimony to the committee members via e-mail. You should send two separate e-mails. One that says to please vote Do Pass on HB 647 and a different e-mail that says I oppose HB 1112.

Will the Show Me State Show You Your OBC? It depends on your help!! Spreading the word would be greatly appreciated!



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  1. I’m from Missouri and cannot make it but will absolutely email today. I was adopted through Lutheran Family Services, and three years ago was denied reunion by my birth mother. You bet I am on this train! Thank you Claudia for making this known.

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