Musings of the Lame; An Adoption Blog

All About Names: Claudia Means Lame

I have come, over time, to embrace the one real meaning of my name. I am broken. I am disabled. I am different and injured. And while the obvious and usually most predominant reason for thus is because I am a mother who lost her first child to adoption, loss and being broken has been a constant theme in my whole life.

Never too old for Santa!!

I’d like a gift, too, for those who think they have a right to the children of others. I’d like their present to be a nice, big reality check and ability to see through their own propaganda. An unselfish conscience in their stockings also would not be amiss.

Annual Pre-Xmas Melt Down

The tension and disappointment from that begins to coil around me like a spring. The longer the time frame, the tighter I am wound.

Illness Has Taken Over the House

And it is just not any fun. Rye had a cold and thankfully, it was not that bad for him. I am selfish and do not say thankfully for his benefit, but for mine, as he becomes the most miserable man child on the face of the earth when he is sick. The cold made it was though to both Garin and Tristan and myself. Garin did OK and Tristan…

The Adoptee Reunion Rejection Classic: Why Won’t My Mother Meet Me?”

Carol Anderson’s 1982 adoption reunion classic: “Why did your birth mother refuse to meet you? Your natural mother lost a great deal when she surrendered you to adoption.” Fabulous insight for any adoptee about to contact or having been refused contact by their birthmother. It won’t make the pain go away, but hopefully can shed a bit of understanding.

Sneezes, Dead Cats, and Snow

Pudding, the dead kitten, is still on the front porch, frozen, in a box. I don’t know what we are going to do with him. I don’t think we can bury him as the ground is already frozen.

On my goodness!!

Rye just walked though the door with another kitten!! The man is out of control. This guy is all black, but still as a faint tiger stripe somehow. Feels more like Puddie, but still tense and unsure. Puddie was soooo relaxed. Bout the same sleek, long kitten feel. Huge golden eyes. Aparently, this one has been man-handled by kids every day of his life. But he was not fond of…

The Path Not Taken….

Adoption made me welcome in constant sorrow. Once welcomed, there is no turning it away like some unwanted guest who stays too long. I had wanted to live my life, but instead I gave it away and the loss of my son cut though my life like a bright red marker carving a path for me to follow.

Good Byes

My Cat Got Hit by a Car. PuddingHead got taken on the road this afternoon. We lost him. It was snowy today..and I guess with him being all white.

Birthmother Stories: I was a Teen Mother and Placed my Infant for Adoption

Adoption as a Solution to Crisis Pregnancy The following is a collection of post recounting my experience as a teenage mother and how I found myself in the situation where I placed my infant son for adoption. It is wholly based on my current memories and my writings of that time of my pregnancy and relinquishment, and while I might be off on some things due to memory lapse, it…

Even More Adoption Blogs

Other opinions, stories from the other side of Adoption: Adoption Issues Cover a Wide Variety of Bloggers People conceived from sperm donors, surrogate children, husbands and wives of adoptees, reunited siblings all blog too. Adoption does not just effect parents and child , but can alter the dynamics of two extensive families. Every one’s feelings and perspectives of adoption should be considered. ~ as always, if you’re not on the list and…

Adoptive Parent Blogs

Yes, I strongly recommend reading these blogs by various Adoptive Parents. On the “otherside of the triad”, on the other end of the adoption spectrum, but not adversaries, not enemies, but friends and comrades who also understand the complexity and empathy required to understand the truth about adoption. These Adoptive Parents are Roll Models: ~ as always, if you’re not on the list and you wish to be ( or…