Kansas and the Gospel of Adoption

By AstridBeeMom

So much THIS.

velvet bocephus

As a “birth” mother (natural mother), I want society, but more importantly the Church to see into the window of our world.

In the wake of the Heritage Academy graduation refusal and shaming of pregnant senior Maddi Runkles, I feel its an opportune time for society to also see a glimpse of what many other pregnant women are facing in this country. The women who are considering adoption for their unborn child. I want society to see the every day emotional manipulations that occur while some women are at their most vulnerable. This post doesn’t even begin to touch on the shaming or coercion aspects that many of us natural moms have experienced at the hands of adoption professionals, adoptive parents, our families, or our children’s fathers. This post is about the kinder, gentler approach through biblical misteaching, factual omissions, and flattery.

The adoption community was recently set afire with what many considered an intimate moment made public; the very moment a mother became a “birth mom”. There were pictures posted publicly by…

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Astrid Beemom
"I am a mother to four parented children, first mother to one beautiful daughter, and wife to my husband. In my free time I hang out with my little Yorkie mix and my aloof Siamese cat. I blog mostly about all things related to adoption and it does focus more on unethical adoptions and practices within the adoption industry. My own adoption story was conducted quite ethically, in my opinion, but that does not take away from the reform that is still needed. I co-manage a birthmothers support group, as well as a couple birth family and adoptee support groups online. I believe it is through sharing and learning, from all sides, that real change can happen. I was not forced (unless you count my circumstances, that left me with no choice) into adoption, but I know many who were. And regardless of how ethical my child’s adoption was handled, it still sucks to be forced by circumstances to that “choice.” Occasionally I will blog about other aspects of my life. Above all else I believe it is essential for the voices of the adoptee and birth families to be heard." FInd Astrid at : http://musingsofabirthmom.com/

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