It’s a Birthmother Halloween

Halloween 2012 D'Arcy style

How Many Birthmothers Can be at One Party?

So we had our huge annual Halloween party this past Saturday night right before Hurricane Sandy came and destroyed Halloween.

As much as I adore Halloween, and I do , I think I was most excited this year when I realized how many other moms were invited!

Six! Six Birthmothers!!

Granted only four made it, but still; FOUR birthmothers at ONE party!

While I do get to see more moms in one sitting, I usually have to wait for a conference or the Adoptee Rights Demonstration for such numbers. This was our party, at my house! We didn’t have signs around our necks or take a group picture or anything, but I was ridiculously excited. We were not out numbered. We didn’t even every really talk about adoption. We were normal.

And the funny thing; only we knew.

Can’t judge a birthmother by her costume!

And I’ll prove it. Here’s the pictures.

FIVE! Five Birthmothers Muhahahah!

And then, the joke is on me. There were five of us there. I just found out another guest was also screwed out of her kids.

See, I can’t even tell.

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  1. Since Second-Chance Mother came out, I’ve been amazed at the number of women who have approached me at various events (and via email) to share their stories of losing their children to adoption. And men, too! Birthfathers with great regret. We’re everywhere, I’m sad to say…

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