I live in The Pitts House

Inspired by a ring and a stone… here’s a story for you….

CVL Pitts married Isabella Hencher. Both were born in 1848 and are my great grandparents. They lived in upstate NY. Any other info would be greatly appreciated.

Oh I have information for you!

Charles V.L. Pitts lived in Kingston NY. He was a Jeweler who had a store .. C.V.L Pitts and Sons @314 Wall Street in the historic uptown stockade district. If you google the store name, you can actually see some scanned newspaper ads from that time mentioning the store.

Now I live at 168 Wall street and my house was built in 1915 by a Harry F Pitts and his wife Isabelle Pitts.. and I am trying to find if they were any relation to Charles.. which stands to reason that they would be.. same town same name, same street! I am thinking his son??? I have heard that he was a dentist??

But my house actually has a buggy step in front of it that bares the name “Pitts” etched into the bluestone. If you would like me to send the files I have found, feel free to contact me via Fixadoption@gmail.com. I can send you pictures of the house and all.. I also have an historic book of Ulster County that shows a picture of the store that I can scan for you.

Then I begin a Searching around with Google…

I’m obsessive…

I have more:

Charles was called Charley when younger..( Chas V. L when older) was born in Utica, NY..father was Hiram who was a tailor. Mother was Adeline.. there were oodles of siblings.

By 1870, Hiram moved the family to Kingston NY. The older brother Henry and Charles came.. no mention of mom or sibs.

Charles married Isabella and lived in Kingston…by 1910, they were residing at 194 Wall street with the two sons.. Henry F. born around 1875 and Franklin b 1880.
Charles brother Henry also lived with them and was employed as a “Crockery merhant”. Charles has been listed as a medicine dealer and merchant at times, but by 1900 he is listed as a jeweler.

By 1900.. son Henry, who is now called Harry.. probably becasue Uncle Henry lived with him his whole life was married to his wife Isable H.. and they were ALL listed as jewelers.

They had two children Miriam and Charles F . There is no record of Miram after 1920..I don’t know if she died or got married..thugh I hope she didn’t die in the house!, but the son Charles goes on as living here.. first being employed as a draftsmen and later an architect. I actually found his death record…on March 5th, 1997 in Montgomery NY. I can’t seem to find any record of his being married.

They built my house, 168 Wall Street, in 1915.

Now the crazy part.. by 1920 Harry was an optmitist working at 290 Wall Street and son Charles was working at 280 Wall street.. which happens to be the SAME ADDRESS MY OFFICE IS AT now.

Charles V. L died in Feb 16th, 1916. By 1920, Harry mom, Isabella, was living next door at 172 Wall Street. I don’t know if maybe the whole family owned a bunch of the land here because records state that Mom Isabella Owned 172, but Harry and Isable rented this house, but I know they origially built it too?? Maybe they rented it from the folks??I have them owning my house until 1927 when it was bought by Fancis Davis.

And one last freakiy bit…Years ago.. when my husband first bought me my engagement ring at a local antique store.. the box is came in..that I have sitting right next to me… C.V.L Pitts and Sons.. Jewelers.

So, I am guessing that maybe you are relate via Fanklin? Or the missing Miriam? Or Charles F did marry?? In anycase..I have pictures, and the carriage stone.. and its very cool!

I then went on to find..

That Brother Franklyn Married a Jane Pitts and after living some time 314 Wall Street and then moved around the cormer to 150 Warren! Franklyn, sometimes called Frank, was listed as a Jeweler, and togtehr they had a daughter Caroline D. Pitts in and about 1907. There is no later record of her.

This is Tristan sitting onto of the carriage stone that says on the otherside: PITTS

And for Betsy who asked…

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  1. very cool! the library would have stuff you can’t find on the internet… old newspaper articles..

  2. claudia,
    this is very fascinating. How bout posting a photo of the house?

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