Great Investigative Journalism on International Adoptions!


I love it when some one else “gets’ it”. It’s even more super fantastic when a trusted and reputable investigative journalism outlet really gets it and seems to be getting into even more. It’s equally loveable when I stumble upon this thanks to Teresa’s ULB Diggs of the Day!

Corruption in International Adoptions
“The Lie We Love”
The story of abandoned orphans in developing countries who need to be whisked away to adoring moms and dads in faraway lands is, unfortunately, largely fiction. So writes E.J. Graff, associate director and senior researcher at the Schuster Institute
in her new investigative article “The Lie We Love,” published in Foreign Policy’s Nov./Dec. 2008 issue. The article exposes the myth of a world orphan crisis—and reveals that the large amounts of Western money offered for healthy “adoptable” infants and toddlers are inducing baby-trafficking in poor and corrupt countries.

What also nice, as you check out the site, they are looking to add soon: Stories of Loss, Suggestions for Parents, and Adoption Discussion Forum. I am particulary interested in, of course, the stories of loss.

I strongly suggest that anyone slightly interested in truthtelling, check out their website and read the full story: And also, take a moment and tell them how much they rock..and maybe, put the bug in their ear that the US voluntary domestic situation is no bed of sweet smelling roses either.

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  1. It’s lovable to be dugg. Digg is such an amazing untapped resource for getting the word out. I’m thrilled daily at the idea of people with no connection to adoption whatsoever regularly digging stories about reunion, legislative reform and corruption. I know they’re digging them just to get dugg in return, but the though still gives me a boost.

  2. Check this out, more on the same topic:

    Washington Post – 11 Jan. 2009

    The Orphan Manufacturing Chain

    Who wants to buy a baby? Certainly not most people who try to adopt internationally. And yet too often that’s how their dollars and euros are being used.

    The idea that the developing world has millions of healthy infants and toddlers in need of new homes is a myth. […]”

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