• A Must Read List for Adoption Truths

    • In many states across the USA including New York, Adoptee Rights bills are introduced to state legislators year after year. Due to lack of public support and misinformation based outdated beliefs about the adoption process, year after year, this bills fail to become laws.

    • I am a product of this experiment. I was born on December 24th, 1988 and I was soon transferred from one mother to another because my first mother, known throughout my life as my birth mother, wasn’t married to my birth father. She was 16 years old and still in high school.

    • I was 14 when I learned I was pregnant and my life changed forever. Once I’d gotten that fateful news, I tried to imagine what it would be like to have a baby; I wondered if I’d be able to finish school, would I be able to give my baby the life she deserved?

    • So How Do We Fix Adoption in the USA? Domestic Voluntary Infant Adoption is what we are discussing here. Women facing and unplanned pregnancy and “choose” adoption rather than parenting. If you aren’t aware of adoption facts, then you might not be aware of the need for reform.

    • There are some facts about adoption that, really, you cannot dispute unless you are just trying to purposely to stay ignorant regarding the facts of infant adoption in this country. Adoption is, in its perfect form, suppose to be about finding homes for children that need them, not about finding children for parents that want them.

    • What Happens to the Numbers of Adoptable Infants in the USA if We Compare to Australia? IF the USA had similar adoption practices to Australia and supported mothers, in the US we would have only 539 Voluntary Domestic Infant relinquishments annually give or take.

    • The relinquishment and subsequent adoption of my son was actually picture perfect. I am a perfect example of exactly what adoption is when it works just as it is suppose to.The adoption of my son was perfect, I did everything the “right” way and still; the adoption of my son caused unnecessary pain and was wrong. This is way I speak out against adoption today.

    • Adoption was almost more like a crack that happened in my soul. A crack that that I thought and was encouraged to believe that would be temporary or always below the surface. Over time, the rest of life worked it’s way in, like water in cement and caused the very foundation of myself to crumble.

    • When I relinquished Max, it was suppose to be something that affected ME. Like so many things in adoption, the professionals were wrong. The “gift of adoption” just keep on giving and giving.. the pain has a huge ripple effect that touches every aspect of a woman’s lives including ALL our children.

    • Secondary adoptee rejection is a very real reality in adoption reunions. We all have a different skill set and experiences to handle a reunion.There are many mothers who were simply told to “never speak of this again” and that has proven to be a real unhealthy bit of advice.

    • The simple fact is that it is less than 1% of all relinquishing mothers desire to never set eyes on their children again. So because these 1% mothers another 6 to 8 million people and their children and their children’s children get denied medical histories, get denied their identity, get denied their truth..

    • Most adoption agencies will offer free “birthmother” counseling as part of their adoption services. A true counselor is supposed to advocate for their client, not the organization for which they work. Often adoption counseling is “in agency” and therefore, not really nonpartisan. There is no guarantee that the “counselor” is neutral and actually has the expectant mothers’ best interests at heart.

    • I figured that I would write a post that makes it easier for women to become birthmothers. Hence, here’s a handy guide on how to become more appealing to adoption agencies and ways to ensure that you will place your baby.

FlipsAudio: Crazy Cool Headphones and Serious Speakers

 I’m Dancing While I Write

Sometimes, there are lovely perks to blogging. Like when you get an offer to review something that is really cool. So the promotional companies send the products to you and you write about them. This is one of those posts. 

So first off, I had to admit that I felt a tad bit guilty agreeing to review these headphones. This is not a tech blog by any means.  I don’t do mommy centered giveaways or host contests. But I did add a Rants and Raves category when I moved the blog over to Word Press last year. And I did that so I could review stuff when I wanted.

And the thing is, I wanted these headphones.  Wanted like lust, I desired them. They looked cool. The concept was cool. Sexy even.  And yes, even if I am not a tech blogger, I know blog outreach is a often an exercise in mass rejection, so I also take into consideration that I am helping some unknown  previous-work-acquaintance-from-the-“firm”-days marketer improve their ROI numbers so they can defend their daily existence to the company CEO. God, I am glad I left that rat race, but I digress.

As I was saying, I wanted  a pair of  Flip Audio head phone speakers to call my very own. I was glad I had that review category so I could say yes to this opportunity. I sent what was requested of me; my URLs, my YouTube channel my shipping address. And then, my brain moved on to something else.

Flip Audio;  First Impressions Count

A few days later, there was a package at my door and I unpacked the headphones. Very cool shipping, very iPad like. The headphones have this cool egg shaped carting case you know, for when I leave my house.  ( That’s a joke. I don’t leave the house all that much) Plus they are black which wins instant points for me and bright green so they kind of match the room. And they fold up. I’m an Internet geek, but not a gadget girl. I don’t need the next best thing. I’m a if it ain’t broke kind of girl, but these things were uber cool!

So I plug them in and find some music. Obviously, from the picture, you can see these are not little ear buds. Think more of the Bose super silent on the Concord crazy lux headphones look. Think little cushions of heavenly love upon your ears. Like sweet lobe hugs.

Ok, I’m not a sound geek either. They sound good. They got loud. It felt good.

And then, if that’s not good enough for headphones, they flip out and become speakers. Like decent loud speakers that have an internal battery and can crank out tunes from my iPhone at the beach. Or in the backyard. Or when I am gardening. Did I mention they were cool? Did I explain how they sounded good?


The Quiet of My Thoughts, with a Sound Track

But the best part is that these Flip Audio headphones really tend to drown out the outside world even when the music is down  low and THAT is worth its weight in gold for me.

You see, my house is crazy. My husband is loud and impulsive, my children even louder and very, very strange at times. Our friends live in our basement. There are two dogs, two cats, two rats as well. My mother  law and her cousin, known as Aunt Chickie, live literally next door. Sometimes, it can be difficult to concentrate, especially when I am trying to write.

My brain gets going, I’m on a roll..I’m thinking four sentences ahead, my fingers trying  to find each word as it floats away, fades like a gossamer soap  bubble. It’s a race and I am winning, words flow like water, my fingers brain, computer are all working as one.

Did I mention I work from home? And how I share it with my often loud husband who also often works for home? Guess what happens to the thoughts in my head when I get interrupted over and over agan? I watch them all float away.


And the flip audio head phones allow me to write, muffled, relaxed, I my own special musical world, away from those threatening interruptions known as my family.

How to Get Your Own Flips

Anyway, as far as headphones go, they are big and puffy, but sound real good, look cool and provide excellent soundproofing. Added bonus, instant dance party speakers. Did I mention I am a huge proponent of instant dance parties? No, really. Rye’s  been promising me a dance floor deck in the back yard for three years now. I digress, really, they are super cool headphones.

My one wish is that perhaps the cord could be a tad bit longer. I can’t really dance in my desk chair. I can shimmy a bit, but not shake ,rattle and roll. I guess the long cord would be a pin when using the iPhone on the road. I don’t know. Did I mention I don’t get out much?

And for you preppy purists, they come in white too. Ok, they are a tad pricey for my wallet at $120.00 but I am a crazy thrifty bitch. And I guess in the world of decent headphones, its not at all overpriced. Plus, lookie here. I have a coupon to share which give

Get $10 Off on Flips Headphones

Plus Rush Shipping Upgrade FREE

Enter Code:  FA0010INT

This Offer is exclusive to purchases made online at https://www.flipsaudio.com/www.flipsaudio.com%20 and valid now through July 16, 2013.

Each unit purchased will receive $10.00 Off the online retail price plus we’ll “upgrade” your shipping from ground to Rush 3-Day at no additional cost to you. This Offer is unlimited in quantity and cannot be combined with any other offers.


There, I don’t feel guilty for getting uber cool headphones for free because I did a nice review for them and I don’t feel like a cheese ball because I really do love these headphones and if you dig them, you get a coupon.

Really glad I have this review section.



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