Fine Art Post Adoption Reunion


Scarlett drew this for me. I adore how she just has fully embraced that Max is her brother. He just gets included..automatically. It does’t matter that she never met him, I mean it does, but not in her love and inclusion of him.

A Family Reunited on Paper

So, she drew our family for me. From the left, it’s herself, me, Tristan, Rye, Garin and least I think she made Max bigger because he is older, but the kid on the far right really resembles Garin more..all stringbeany.

And then there is our happy smiling faces..ROTFLMAO!

Big happenings this weekend. We have a wedding and S & T are in the wedding party as flower girl and “ringboy”. I expect some very cute photo opps!

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7 Comments on "Fine Art Post Adoption Reunion"

  1. I look forward to the beautiful pictures of your kiddos…and that Scarlet seems like she is just like mommy got it all on the ball…..

  2. diggin those boobs mama!

    scarlett rocks — maevie was just asking about her today — like can we hang out soon pA-lease?

  3. That is absolutely adorable!

  4. It’s the most beautiful art ever!

  5. This is fine art. I love it.

  6. That’s totally awesome! 🙂

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