Questions About Adoption and Factual Answers

Frequently Asked Questions About Adoption

They don’t teach the facts about adoption in school. There are no courses in college unless you go into a master level in Social work and even then it is limited. Most people go thought life thinking what they hear about adoption form the media, or even worse, from the adoption industry that supplies the message to the media is true. They would be wrong.

Then, when people find themselves about to enter the word of adoption, they go to the “trusted professionals” . Again, most of these sources have their own agenda for keep “on message” as the professionals make their living form the continuation of the adoption status quo. This goes for both prospective adoptive parents and expectant mothers considering adoption.  Neither have any reason to believe that they are being given a sales pitch.

Real Adoption Information and Facts on Adoption

My agenda is to be able to give you information that you won’t find in other places. Why? So that you can have true information based on facts in order to really understand what adoption is, what it  means, how the adoption industry works and what people really think about adoption. Adoption  is seen as a wonderful thing by many adoptive parents because they were on the receiving end. Many adoptees are also happy with the life they had. There are birthmothers who say that they  do not regret their decisions. I know. I used to one of them, and then I came out of the Adoption Fog.

On the other side, there are many birthmothers who were completely duped by the whole process and many adoptees who are angry about being used as a commodity without having their needs discussed at all. EVERY adoption  is based on a foundation of loss. We cannot say that “adoption is a beautiful thing” without acknowledging  that this beautiful thing should not have happened in the first place. In a perfect world, mothers and babies would ALWAYS stay together.

  • Adoptive parents need to know that raising an adopted child is not the same as raising a biological child.
  • Adoptees need to know that their “adoption story” might not be based in the truth and they very well could have been wanted.
  • Birthmothers need to know ALL the information that they can before relinquishing as most of us did not make truly informed choices.

And then we all need to know how to best free ourselves from all the false facts , stereotypes, anger and pain that we have had to live with.

Ask Your Questions About Adoption

If you have a specific question regarding adoption, please feel free to contact me and ask. I cannot speak for all birthmothers, but I promise you will get a real honest answer when you ask this Birthmother your adoption related questions. Sometimes we need another opinion, so questions will be opened up especially when the adoptee perspective is needed, which  almost everything in adoption still requires. Bottom Line: if you don’t get your information from  Adoptees who have LIVED it (And that doesn’t mean you cousin’s sister’s friend who adopted a kid and you saw how happy she was at a birth party once) , or Birthmothers  who have LIVED it or a true neutral third party researcher, then you have got a line of bull that you are repeating.

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