Day 17 of Adoption Activism; NAAM2013

17. Day 17 of Adoption Activism; NAAM2013

South Carolina Legislator: Change South Carolina Adoption Laws

17.	Day 17 of Adoption Activism; NAAM2013

Section 63-9-350: Withdrawal of Consent or Relinquishment states that the withdrawal of any consent or relinquishment of rights can only be undone by the order of the court. One must prove that the court finds that the withdrawal is in the best interests of the child and that the consent or relinquishment was not given voluntarily or was obtained under duress or through coercion.

In South Carolina after the relinquishment of parental rights is signed you cannot go back and change your mind or any sort. Twenty-eight (28) states have laws providing a waiting period before relinquishment of parental rights is irrevocable. Multiple states have a set up time frame whereas the relinquishment of parental rights form may not be signed until so many days or hours after giving birth.

South Carolina adoption laws need to be changed in regarding the time frame of a waiting period after signing the form. At least thirty (30) days should be in affect after signing relinquishment of parental rights before the form becomes irrevocable.

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