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Adoption can be a very isolating experience. The rise of the internet has been an incredible tool which allows people to find those on a similar journey and can offer all sorts of support and validation. Because of this the adoption community has grown in leaps and bounds over the last few years. No longer are we all alone in our feelings and confusion, there is always someone out there who cares.

The Online Adoption Community; Working Together

Fight for truth! Join the Adoption Army!Please consider joining the Adoption Army.

The Adoption Army harnesses the power of numbers so that we can work together on various Calls to Arms. Click on the link above to learn more! You can also brows the various posts below that have calls to action for activism within adoption.


Pending Adoption Legislation

featured justice turns her back on adoptionAside from the fight for original birth certificate access and Adoptee Rights legislation, there are many different  changes in the laws that squeak through the various state capitols with nary a whisper.  Usually, these kinds of changes are promoted by the adoption agencies and adoption attorneys who have more power and influence with the elected state representatives. Being that their stance  is usually to “make adoption easier”, most of the changes tend to whittle down the already meager protections of natural family rights. For instance, just last year Ohio changed the time frame a putative father had to file from 30 days to 15 claiming that the change will somehow “gets fathers more involved”.
So when a bill does manage to get on the radar, it gets listed here so we can at least provide another point of view and perhaps some much needed influence from the other side.

Adoption Blogs

BLOGThere are many many adoption blogs! Adoption is not just one person’s story or one person’s truth. We all have voices and unique perspectives on the experiences.  When I started blogging, there was just a handful of us in the small adoption blogosphere, now, I am thrilled that there are so very many. I have separate lists for birthmother blogs, adoptee blogs, adoptive parent blogs, and other adoption issues. I also try to keep them updates via feed lists so you can find the latest adoption blog posts. The RSS lists can be easily embedded on your own site, so if you would like to support the Online Adoption Community, please send me and email and let me know and I will send you the codes.

If you would like to be included on the lists, send me an email with your URL and Feed address and which list you best fit in!

Other Happenings in the Adoption Community

Please take a minute and check out Adoption Events for Conferences, Meet-ups and  in person meetings. Writing submissions and calls for presentations are also included there.

Keep up on current events in Adoption News.

Join in  with The Adoption Lists.

I also like to highlight various happenings within the adoption community, so if you, as an adoption community member or blogger have something to add or promote, please let me know!

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