Chloe + Isabel by Suz Fundraiser to Help Mothers

Support St. Agnes Home for Mothers

WHEN: Month of January 2013
WHERE: Online
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For the month of January 2013, Chloe + Isabel by Suz will be supporting St. Agnes Home located in West Hartford, CT. Proceeds from all jewelry sale commission will be donated to this home.

The mission of St. Agnes home is to provide residential care and supportive services for pregnant and parenting adolescent mothers and their infants.

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According to their web site,

St. Agnes Family Center offers a supportive setting in which young mothers and their infants are helped to increase their life skills and their ability to parent. The Center’s programs are designed to teach the young mothers basic baby care and baby safety, while insuring that the emotional needs of the infant are being met and that the plan of care for the infant, as well as that of the adolescent mother is appropriate to their needs.

Baubles for Babes Fundraiser for Moms!

I would greatly appreciate your support of this month’s benefit. If you are not into jewelry (or perhaps already a bit blinged out due to previous support..thank you all!) would you consider sharing this page with your friends, family and readers? Sharing is caring!

To learn more about Baubles for Babes project, visit the project page. To shop now and immediately begin supporting St. Agnes home visit the online boutique.  Note that all sales made during January will earn an entry into our random drawing for a free bangle set as well.


Where to call with questions?:  (860) 235-6847
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  1. This is from the St. Agnes website: “All prenatal residents discuss adoption with counseling staff as an option for their infant.”

    How do you know that they aren’t pushing adoption, just as they did during the BSE? Maybe not as many mothers there are surrendering, but the profits-per-baby are more. If more than 2% of mothers there are surrendering, then there is most likely coercion involved.

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