A Father’s Right

A Father’s Rights to Custody in Adoption

A Father’s Rights to Custody; Thwarted, Ignored, Legally Denied, and Unjustly Steamrolled

It might seem that a father should have a natural right to parent his own child, but sadly, when adoption enters the picture, the rights of the birth father are often nonexistent. 
A father’s right to the custody of his own flesh and blood is something most easily and legally forgotten when the birthmother of the child has “chosen” relinquishment for the baby.  Worse, yet, the laws are stacked up against him and the legal battles that go with his desire to parent often take years and thousands of dollars in legal fees.

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Sexism within the OBC Adoption Records Issue

When a man fathers a child and chooses, for whatever reason, to ignore the existence of that child, do we respect his wishes overall and grant him his right to his anonymity? No.. so why do mothers receive this “protection” ? Why are we ONLY concerned with the mothers? If this fear was legitimate, then wouldn’t it be fair and expected to extend that concerned to the father’s as well? Should not all people be protected, then, from long lost relatives that might infringe upon their lives and seek out relationships with them?

A Day For Change

By Cassi There is a story I could write today. One that will never go away. Will always break my heart a little bit more when I think of it. But after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to give this first year a moment of peace, for an innocent little girl and her natural family who lost so much more than anyone ever deserves. I can’t, though, let this…

A Measure of Justice for Father Garrett Joiner and his Son

I commend Garrett Joiner and his family for effectively doing what so many cannot: they took on a forced and unethical adoption and have won. This outcome is, by my definition, BEST indeed for Baby Boy W. He is not an adoptee. These battles are horrible and heartbreaking and really do take any person’s last bit of sanity, and often, hope. Garrett Joiner, for a young man, a David, fighting the formidable Goliath has held himself up wonderfully and is a fine example and representative of natural families fighting for their parental rights in forced adoptions.

Meanwhile Ohio Legislators Screw Over Fathers’ Rights

The Bill Hurts EVERYONE, but the Adoption Industry!

And yes, this bill is sneaky. The Father’s Rights groups in Ohio had NO idea this was happening. No other stakeholders have been asked. This bill is somehow being pushed through on behalf of the adoption industry as it benefits THEM.

The Battle of Adoption Bills in Ohio

if you give a flying fig about the rights of natural parents and do not want carte blanche to be given to the already troublesome practices of Ohio’s adoption agencies, then Please.. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN OHIO go find an Ohio senator or representative and tell then so! BOTH bills are BAD news! And while you are there and got their ear, mention that Baby Camden still is NOT home!

Unwed Fathers’ Rights Regarding Infant Adoption

“The most commonly contested adoptions occur where mothers want to place children for adoption and fathers object” (Beck, 2007). To prevent other children from being traumatized like Veronica Brown, policies could be revised so a child is not available for adoption until parental rights have been relinquished or terminated. Also that fathers’ rights “be treated no differently than the biological mother, i.e. his parental rights can be terminated involuntarily only upon a showing of unfitness (Spitko, 2006, p. 276).

Q: What Does it Take to Close Unethical Adoption Agencies Down?

I’m not sure how long an adoption agency should be allowed to thumb their noises at carefully spelled out rules and laws especially when dealing with the welfare of human beings especially children, but ten years and 17 pages is way too much for me.