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Q: What Does it Take to Close Unethical Adoption Agencies Down?

I’m not sure how long an adoption agency should be allowed to thumb their noises at carefully spelled out rules and laws especially when dealing with the welfare of human beings especially children, but ten years and 17 pages is way too much for me.

Adoption Support on Facebook

Open Groups, Closed Groups and Adoption Discussion pages on Facebook for adoption support, question or just making noise and causing trouble. There are a whole slew of adopting groups and pages on Facebook, if you can’t find one that fits your needs, then you are just not social!

Exploiting Adoption for Entertainment Value

I would caution anyone who is considering trying to be cast, that your story will be used possibly to promote a very untruthful, unicorn rainbow fart version of Adoption. I won’t judge anyone for using them for their free private investigative bit, especially if you are at wits end of a hard search, just don’t trust them. Use them, don’t let them use you!

What’s Wrong with Selling Your Baby for an IPhone?

Why does the adoption middle man sanctify the baby trade? What magic fairy dust does an adoption agency or facilitator or lawyer have that makes it morally acceptable? Why is it OK to give a child away, to relinquish your flesh and blood, to place a child, to abandon a child, to make an adoption plan for a child, to give the “gift” of a child, but not just openly sell the privilege to parenting?

Adoption Corruption Never Sleeps

There was a good chance that the adoption might have just gone through if not for a pesky Family Court Judge who noticed the missing ICPC application from the state of Oklahoma and refused to finalize the adoption! Zionks!

Embracing Change: A New Musings of the Lame

The entire look of Musings of the Lame has changed. This is not a problem, this is an opportunity- Seize it! This birthmother blog is not MY soapbox anymore, but is a platform for all of AdoptionLand who has been branded by adoption- seared for life by the Scarlett letter.

Matt and Melanie Capobianco: Lower-Than-The-Lowest Excuse for Human Beings

Why did Matt and Melanie Capobianco CHOOSE to continue fighting for Veronica Rose when didn’t need to be adopted? Because they WANTED to and they could, because they had the money to pay for it. I really do wonder how do these freaking people sleep at night?? I mean how in God’s name are they EVER going to be able to explain this to Veronica?

Washington State Opens Up to Adoptees OBC

Starting on July 1, 2014, Washington State adoptee 18 and older who were adopted on or before October 1, 1993 will able to request their original birth certificate with the passing of Senate House Bill 1525, minus, of course, the dirty nasty contact veto.

Vote for The 2013 Demons in Adoption Awards

For the seventh year in a row, Pound Pup Legacy, has asked AdoptionLand to decide who will become the recipient of the annual Demons of Adoption Award.The Demons of Adoption Awards were introduced in 2007, to raise a voice against adoption propaganda and the self congratulatory practices of the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute’s annual Angel in Adoption Award TM.

Veronica Rose Brown: A Child Stolen Through an Unethical Adoption

The OK courts lifted the temporary stay and the “prize” was returned to her rightful owners. They paid more, they fought more, they lied more, they cheated more, they played a dirtier game from the beginning. I am so sad for Veronica; having to leave her family, her home, with no one in power looking out for her best interest, her right to be with her family. She is four years old; she will remember.

Adopted through “New Life Adoption Agency” in New York

1,000 files carrying information about Central New Yorkers who were adopted over the past 20 years form New Life Adoption Agency in Syracuse NY – their medical histories, their adoptive parents’ finances, and in some cases the identities of their birth parents- are free to their owners. The lawyer housing them will give them those who can present proof of idenity