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Anonymous Third Party Reproduction Ignores Children’s Rights and Welfare

By Mirah Riben Sheena and Tiara Yates, a New Jersey couple and parents of two, are challenging the visitation rights of the biological father of their second child. It will be interesting to see if the courts, in deciding this case, will base their decision solely on the legal rights of the parents, or if they take into account the rights and best interest of the child created. The Yates’…

Stop Shorstein Network – Open Adoption Fraud

By Susie I previously posted about the Shorstein Advocacy Group and the filing of a class-action lawsuit against them.  I was recently contacted and asked to help spread the word that they hope to file the lawsuit this summer. If you were defrauded by the promise of open adoption in the state of Florida since 1990, please join this class-action lawsuit. Here is the info I received: We have updated…

Flip-Flopping on Adoption: Aussie PM Proposes Shopping for Kids

By Mirah Riben In March 2013 Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard issued a national apology for forced adoptions of the 20th century. The apology, which recognized the coercion and exploitation of mothers in order to obtain children to meet a demand for adoption, was viewed by the worldwide adoption community with admiration, appreciation and the hope that it signaled a major step forward against unethical adoption practices. When the apology…

Meanwhile Ohio Legislators Screw Over Fathers’ Rights

The Bill Hurts EVERYONE, but the Adoption Industry!

And yes, this bill is sneaky. The Father’s Rights groups in Ohio had NO idea this was happening. No other stakeholders have been asked. This bill is somehow being pushed through on behalf of the adoption industry as it benefits THEM.

The Battle of Adoption Bills in Ohio

if you give a flying fig about the rights of natural parents and do not want carte blanche to be given to the already troublesome practices of Ohio’s adoption agencies, then Please.. ESPECIALLY IF YOU LIVE IN OHIO go find an Ohio senator or representative and tell then so! BOTH bills are BAD news! And while you are there and got their ear, mention that Baby Camden still is NOT home!

Can You Help Build up the Pregnancy Resources Lists?

We need to be able t to do more than just say “DON’T RELINQUISH” but to be able to provide real help and resources for moms to be able to successfully parent and help themselves without adoption. Will you help me research real help an support for those pregnancy so they don’t turn to the agencies? Please??

Ohio’s House Bill 307 Unethical and Ignorant of the Reality of the Tactics of Ohio Adoption Agencies

You want to decrease abortions in Ohio, Mike Gonidakis? Good, then stop wasting your time being a mouth piece for the adoption industry and get behind bills that support a mother parenting her own child. Let’s help her have access to things like birth control so she can make choices proactively, or day care so she can support her children, or educational recourse so she can better herself. But stay out of the adoption debate, please. You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the reality of how these laws are used in an adoption in Ohio.

Sally and Sherri Shepherd Surrogacy Shenanigans

So Sherri Shepherd? It’s NOT going to be her genetic child. She has NO biological connection to this child because it was NOT her eggs.
She won’t give birth to this child as the gestational surrogate is carrying it for her. She cannot relinquish because she really has NO hold on this baby anyway.

New Jersey’s Golden Cradle Adoption Inc; More Unethical Adoption Agency Hyjinks 

Met Ana; she was told that she had the 30 day revocation timeframe under PA law because she is from PA, she lives in PA, she was told the family lived in PA, and the baby was born in PA, only to now be told that it’s a New Jersey adoption. Of course, New Jersey does not have a revocation of adoption consent period recognized by law. How convenient.

CUB Birth Parent Membership Drive and Discount!

Concerned United Birthparents ( CUB ) is offering a $10 discount on all new memberships from May 1st through Father’s Day. I am proud to be a member of CUB and strongly encourage other birthmothers ( and fathers) to invest a small amount of time and money to join up.

Hope for Ethiopian Families; An Ethiopian Adoption Search Registry

Ethiopian Adoption Connection is a searchable database, the objective of which is to match Ethiopian adoptees living around the world with their families in Ethiopia. I’m really very proud of it. It’s clean and simple which was key. We had to anticipate language and cultural issues, plus privacy verses searchability. Check it out at

Media and News Coverage of Adoption

Adoption in the Media and News Coverage

The media loves adoption.

Only adoption can produce such a range of human interest from the heartwarming reunion stories to the horrors of an adoption gone wrong. It is adoption that gives us our fiercest headline producing custody battles and fluffy bits about the newest addition to a celebrity’s Hollywood brood.

News About Adoption in the United States

Unfortunately, the important news about adoption is usually buried deep or posted online on small local papers, but adoption issues are in the news almost every day.   Get your daily dose here, adoption news all the time. It might be bad, it might be good, but it’s always about adoption.

We don’t make this stuff up!

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Adoption Advocates International Shuts Down!

One chart counts children and the other chart counts millions of dollars in profits and revenue for ONE adoption agency. They really shouldn’t correlate, should they? If adoption was ethical and not a business and not based on supply and demand than these two charts should not relate to each other at all, right? Especially a fine accredited long standing nonprofit adoption agency like Adoption Advocates International that has “saved” children for 30 years.