The Adoption of Veronica Rose Brown

The Unethical Adoption of Veronica Brown

If you watched Dr. Phil and think you know what happened in this case, then please just leave. Dr. Phil is a lying sack of rotten potatoes. Unless you are willing to understand that he gives the readers digest condensed version of stupidity and you can see that this case was completely unethical and decided based on money and power, then you’ll get a good dose of the truth.

The simple fact is that Adoption is supposed to be about finding a home for a child that needs a home.

Veronica had a home and a family that loved her. She was adopted because wealthy strangers wanted her and basically bought her. They bought the courts. They bought influence.

We should all be disgusted. And while that little girl is forced to live with strangers; the only thing we have left to do is pay homage to her and fight to see that her suffering is not in vein. Please help us battle unethical adoptions in the USA. This has got to change!

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Veronica Rose Brown Court Transcripts Point to More Corruption in Adoption

Why Was the Guardian ad Litem Already Biased for the Adoptive Parents? By her own admission; because she had been working with the Capobiancos before the BIRTH of Veronica.I’m so very curious on how a woman appointed to act in the best interests of a child, could do so before she is even born. Even the SOCTUS said the following about about her that really, if she had connections before, are untrue:

“The Guardian ad Litem, Ms. Jo M. Prowell (“the Guardian”), is the duly appointed representative of the respondent child (“Baby Girl”) in these proceedings, with standing to file this brief on Baby Girl’s behalf. The Guardian exhaustively considered the respondent child’s best interests and concluded that they clearly would be served by allowing her adoptive parents to retain custody.”

The Truth about Veronica Rose Brown

Oh look! I happen to have the actual court transcripts of The Direct and Cross Examination of Christy Maldonado in Adoptive Couple vs Baby Girl dated September 13, 2011 Now before I share this bit of court document candy with you, I do want to take a moment to point out Judge Malphrus’ Bench Ruling on this aspect of the case as it SPECIFICALLY relates to the issue of Dusten Brown’s attempts to support Christy Maldonado and his unborn daughter Veronica Rose Brown AND also to the issue of what rights he “signed away.” Being that, you know, those are the most common nails in his coffin of public opinion and why he should lose his daughter again.

The Unethical Adoption Seizure of Veronica Brown

Simple Facts About the Veronica Brown Story

I personally do not care one bit how much the wannabe parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco, think they have a right to her, or how much they love her or how much “better” they think they are. Dusten Brown is her FATHER and she has a family that is able to love her and take care of her. Veronica Brown should not have been ever and is NOT an adoptable child.

“Ripped Away From the ONLY Home the Child Has EVER Known”

Possession is nine point nine tenths of the law when it comes to child custody and contested adoptions. While dads try to understand this new reality of hell, try to find legal help, funds, and information; stumbling over punitive father’s registries, state paternity filing dates and out of state adoption agencies; they just sit back, and wait for him to get so defeated, so tired, so overwhelmed, that he just goes away, beaten. Just keep fighting.