Cultural Views on Adoption

How the Real World Sees Adoptees, Adoptive Parents and Birthmothers

In the adoption community there are tons of conversations about “educating” the general public about adoption. Depending on how you are adoption affected, what you think needs to happen will be very different.

The Adoption Stereotypes; Limiting and Hurtful, also Untrue

Adoptive Parents want people to accept their families built by adoption and complain about the stupid questions people ask like “Where is her real mother?” Adoptees are suppose to be happy and grateful that they were somehow saved from either “ending up in an dumpster” or “from being aborted”. Adoptees are “lucky”.The general public likes to blame the birth mother’s pain on her own irresponsible choices. She is punished for her fertility and the sexual drive that got her pregnant in the first place.

Basically, unless you are actually adoption affected, and even then, only if you have done your own research and homework, most people have no clue about adoption.

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The Hottest Gift This Holiday Season: Human Babies?

By Mirah Riben A 47-year-old Georgia woman was arrested after attempting to illegally obtain a baby for her teenage daughter. Detectives started investigating Elaine Williams after a citizen called police about a suspicious Craigslist ad. The post asked for unwanted babies, saying mothers could drop them off in a “baby box”. According to investigators, Williams was attempting to buy a baby for her 14-year-old daughter. Police say Williams told them…

Adoption Romance and the Subtle and Pervasive Influence We Are All Subjected To

By AstridBeeMom When us “older” birthmoms try to tell pregnant women, who are planning on giving up their babies, that they have fallen for the coercion of the industry, we are often faced with opposition. Whether that industry is agencies, attorneys, or the media, in general, they all seem to parrot the same types of statements. “I’m not even working with an agency so how is it possible for them…

What The Camera Missed

By Cassi By this time, it’s very few who haven’t gotten more than their fair share of the pictures that have gone viral.  Pictures that show the story of a desperate couple and their desire to adopt a newborn.  Pictures that show their joy, their happiness at claiming the child they so desired.  Pictures that, conveniently, leave out the mother of this child.  The one who went through nine months…

Tummy Mummy in Adoption: Survey SAYS — !

By Lori Holden Two weeks ago I asked what you thought about the term “tummy mummy.” Boy, did you have a lot to say.   Among the nearly 300 respondents, who chimed in? 66% were adopting or adoptive parents 11% were adoptees 13% had a professional or nonprofessional interest in adoption 10% had placed a child or lost a child to adoption (These just happens to add up to 100%….

When An Adoptee Doesn’t Conform To Their Adoptive Family

By AstridBeeMom Nature versus nurture. The age-old question. You’ll hear sound arguments for both sides. My official stance is both. However, the foundation lies in nature, in one’s DNA. Everything else will be built upon this foundation. We mold and shape our kids, throughout the years, and teach them to channel their talents and personalities to be as successful as possible in their lives. Traits in our children that can be…

It Was Meant To Be – Using Religion to Justify Adoption

By AstridBeeMom In the adoption community, from birthmoms, adoptive parents, and even the occasional adoptee I often hear statements about adoption being the “destiny” for the adopted child. Some of these statements include, but, of course, are not limited to: “I knew from the first time I met them (adoptive parents) they were meant to be -insert child’s name here- mom and dad.” “It was God’s plan for my child…