Brooklyn New York Adoptee Rights Protest at Helene Weinstein’s Office

Brooklyn New York Adoptee Rights Protest at Helene Weinstein's Office

Demonstrations in New York Demand Civil Rights and Justice

June 15th, 2015 EDIT: The information regarding the opposition of Helene Weinstein’s  office and blockage of the NY Bill of Adoptee Rights is actually now in question. This message that Ms. Weinstein was “the issue”  always came directly from Joyce Bahr of Unsealed Initiative. That validity of that leadership is now a cautionary tale of what NOT to do. 

On Sunday September 29, 2013 members and supporters of New York’s Statewide Adoption Reform Unsealed Initiative gathered at the Brooklyn New York Office of New York State Legislative Representative, Helene E. Weinstein.  Helene Weinstein represents District 41 in the New York State Assembly, which comprises Sheepshead Bay, Flatlands, East Flatbush, Midwood and Canarsie and is the LONE reason why New York state adult  adoptees are continually denied their civil and human rights to access their original birth certificates.

Year after year, Brooklyn Assemblymember Helene Weinstein, Chair of Judiciary Committee, has stepped in to hold A909 from advancing to the assembly floor for a vote. She has stymied New York’s widely supported legislation and continues to say the birth parents were promised confidentiality which is a LIE.

It was time to send a message directly into the home district of Helene Weinstein. Much thanks to Miss Joanie who transported both my dear activist daughter and myself there! Plus as always, a wonderful way to spend a fine Sunday afternoon in NY seeing old friends and meeting others finally offline!! I failed on picture taking, but I did manage a few, poorly composed, shots:

 It’s Time  for New York to Treat Adoptees Equally!

Lead by New York’s  Joyce Bahr, President  of Unsealed Initiative, we met at Marine Park in Brooklyn an marched down to the offices of Helene Weinstein where many hours were spent telling self proclaimed false feminsit, Ms. Weinstein, exactly what she can do with her erroneous opinions!

Oh, we yelled! (though I managed to keep my mouth shut to get this video to be less annoying than my normal horrible taping!)

Weinstein has hers; we want OURS!

What do we want? Our Birth Certificates!  When do we want them? NOW!

Adoptees have the rights to know; Sealed records have got to go!

“Helene Weinstein is a Violator of Human Rights!”

I particularly like what the choice words that Joyce used!

“Helene Weinstein is a violator of Human Rights, Helene Weinstein alone has the power in Albany  to stop our legislation from going to the floor for a vote. Helene Weinstein is a violator of Human Rights”

And of course, the favorite Adoptee Rights Coalition chant:

Born, Adopted, Sealed, Denied!

The History of Sealed Adoption Records

Long time rabble rouser and adoption activist legend Family Preservation Advocate’s own Mirah Riben, gave this wonderful, factual and moving talk which I got on video:

“I’d like to tell the public and Helene Weinstein a little bit about the history of why adoption records were sealed to begin with all across the country and here in New York State.

And the fact of the matter is, if you read the history of adoption which is available easily online and in several good books that were written about it; records were sealed to protect baby brokers.
It started with Georgia Tann in Tennessee. (boooos) It spread to Betsy Bernard right here in the Northeast.   These were Baby Brokers who were twisted arms to get babies as it is still done today. And Baby Brokers and facilitators in the entire Adoption Industry work better under the seal of secrecy. And transparency is their enemy.

And that’s all we are asking for here today is truth and transparency and an end to these antiquated laws that were put into place not to protect mothers, not to protect adoptees, but to protect the Baby Brokers. We need to end this discrimination. And end this despicable practice of protecting those who profit from turning the human beings into commodities to met a demand.”

Help Us Bring the Truth to New York Despite Helene Weinstein!

If you are a New Yorker and do not know the name of James Lane, then you should!  I’ll be writing more about him as he deserves his own post, but he was filming all day yesterday, in Brooklyn, so be sure to check it out!

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