Aly’s Unethical Fight

God hates your prayers

The desperate “prayers” made by a wanna be adoptive mother have been setting AdoptionLand on fire today.

Because it is confusing, I’ll give you the quick run down;  Perfect young couple fights breast cancer then deals with infertility and adopts.  An Infant. Domestically. Womb wet.  Of course. Then perfect new mommy writes book “How Cancer Made Me a Mommy“. Then a miracle! Perfect young couple gets pregnant with their own, BUT at the same time, the mother of their adopted child also gets knocked up. Both babies are due to be born super close, but perfect young couple decides to go for “artificial twinning”. Perfect couple’s perfect bio daughter was born in August.  Alas, “their” dern “birth mother” dared to reconsider after having her child and decided to parent HER child.  So perfect young couple calls for prayers. Oh, so many prayers.  They end like this:

“We are so blessed by our two girls, but we are supposed to be coming home with three. Our children are stand alone. We felt God tell us to adopt this baby. Even though we have two, we cannot not fight for one we clearly felt was ours. The parable of the lost sheep sticks out to us so much…The 99 sheep were left to find the one. Our blessings are many, but that does not mean we will stop fighting for the one…the one we felt God told us was ours when we said yes to adopt again in January.”

Aly, you heard God wrong.
Anyway, same story; different take on it, different author, different post:

And an Aly inspired Guest Post today.

alys unethcial baby stealing entitled fight and whiney prayers

by ShellySue

I cannot contain myself any longer.  I tried, because it’s just too much sometimes…addressing the widely accepted and supported ignorance and hypocrisy exemplified right here, in this couple’s plight.

PLEASE…stop and think…anyone reading… ask yourself these questions, and answer honestly…

*(because I know the answer to every single one is ‘YES!’)

Would you be offended and horrified, yourself and on behalf of another, by:

  1. Someone praying for another’s death or demise, so they might be next in line for their spouse?
  2. Someone praying for another’s death or demise, so they might be next in line for their job?
  3. Someone praying for another’s vulnerabilities, such they would be coerced into sex?
  4. Someone praying for another’s vulnerabilities such they would be preyed upon and violated for sex?
  5. Someone praying for another’s vulnerabilities and desperation, such that they would feel it necessary to survive via prostitution?
  6. Someone praying for another’s vulnerabilities and desperation, such that they would endure domestic violence?
  7. Someone praying for another’s vulnerabilities, such that they would hand over their life savings via marginally ethical intentions or outright scam of any kind?
  8. Someone praying for any minority person to suffer—poverty and/or injustice, so that they may have access to more—of anything?
  9. Someone praying for another’s vulnerability that offers them a chance to snatch a child in a grocery store or hospital or mall—for any reason—?
  10. Someone praying for friends, family members, and/or strangers to die so that they may be able to raise their children?

The list goes on… add your own… the answers are obvious, and READILY recognized by most!

-No one with moral integrity thinks it righteous to wish death, destruction, or suffering…of any kind, on another, at the hands of another—with or without the desire to obtain something from them.

-No one with moral integrity thinks it righteous to take or steal something from another—most certainly not their flesh, or their flesh and blood.

-No one with moral integrity thinks it righteous to degrade another, or wish them inadequate or valued less, in order to lift oneself or one’s purpose.

-No one with moral integrity PRAYS for another human being to live a life of suffering that could have been avoided with the help of similar “praying” others.

So now I ask…

-Are you not offended that someone, anyone, would pray for a young woman to feel vulnerable and desperate to the extent that she would sacrifice her child and her motherhood, just so that another can have the motherhood she wants and feels entitled to?!

-not all hopeful mothers feel entitled, but Aly does!

-Are you not offended that someone would solicit the prayers of many to wish a young woman into the same place as the very person wishing it upon her?

without children of her own, or worse…without her own children!

-Are you not offended that she is praying for another to feel backed into a corner…to feel inadequate and powerless to the extent that she feels that she has NO CHOICE?!

Because, make no mistake, it is not a choice…when one feels there is only one ‘choice’ in an environment created by trusted others. 

            ONE ‘choice’ = NO choice

-Are you not offended that someone values another’s motherhood so little that she is willing to publicly request her demise through her ‘God,’ for her own desires?

There is nothing Godly, Christian, or righteous about Aly’s fight.

It’s coveting thy neighbor’s child.

Shame on her.

Shame on those praying with her, and for her.

Shame on them for praying for the destruction of family and identity, of both mother and child.

They want a family, I get it.  They aren’t bad people for wanting to have children and wanting to have a family.  I sympathize with them for the struggles they have endured in attempting to do so.

But, sympathy for one family’s loss and hardship should never equate to the very same for another.

Sympathy for one family’s loss and hardship does not warrant the right to impose the same upon another.

Aren’t you offended that someone would pray for another family’s failure, so that they may have their own?

People, this is easy to see.  And I am not referring to children who are TRULY without their families (but again, would you pray for that to happen?!  I’d venture a guess that the answer is ‘NEVER!’), and need a home.  But this is different…very, very different.

Society, with the help of industry, has normalized this particular brand of destruction of family and… Click To Tweet But, they have successfully been made indistinguishable in the minds of the masses.  The line hasn’t been blurred, it’s been erased.  And this normalization, over time, has created a faithful blindness to basic human instincts that we hold true to every waking minute of our lives—especially as it pertains to this one underserved population.

If you would stand up for, feel compassion for, and enlist support for…any of those found in the unfortunate circumstances in the numbered questions above…you would also stand up for, feel compassion for, and enlist support for a vulnerable and desperate young, expectant mother who is being preyed upon by authority, power, money, entitlement, status shaming, and religious pandering.

If you would do what you could to help someone avoid being victimized by any one of those circumstances in the numbered questions above…you would help a vulnerable and desperate, young, expectant mother avoid being victimized as well.  And I hope you do.

*And if you haven’t yet read the desperate plea for prayers for this couple to acquire another’s child by way of her mother’s vulnerability, desperation, and state of self… I dare you to read it now, and not feel burning fury at the human injustices happening all over this country in the name of adoption.

The mother of the child has been contacted and she is indeed parenting. SOS is offering support as needed. You can try to tell Aly how you feel, but perfect couple are deleting anything that doesn’t tell them how wonderful they are. If you would like to try:  Blog:  Facebook page: Twitter: Intagram:




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Shelleysue is a mother who lost a child to adoption.

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