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featured adoption taught me patienceThere are MANY adoption registries available online, before you go delving into the many lists,  make sure you have covered the adoption search basics first: try for  your Original Birth Certificate, get non-identifying information, ask family members what they know.

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There are TWO that any adoptee and birth parent searching MUST check first;

After that, since the dawn of the internet, people have created  adoption search registries. There are huge lists of them to be found on many adoption websites. Many of the list have dead links to websites no longer being maintained. Other’s aren’t accepting new registrations, but you can still comb the lists. Others require a basic fee though many are free.  Many are old sites built in old formats and are hard to read and have lousy search tools.

With DNA testing, social media bringing the community together and and records slowly opening up, the actual adoption search registry is not as helpful as it once was.

I combed through a bunch of lists of NON STATE run registries and took out all the dead links. I would not advise anyone going crazy registering on all the lists, but  if they are searchable, you could try to look.  If you find a new dead one, please do let me know or if you happen to find a new adoption registry that doesn’t suck, I’ll be happy to add it.

For your own sanity, DO create a method of keeping track of where you have checked and where you have registered. I personally am huge fan of creating Excel spread sheets to quickly copy and paste urls and notes when researching anything online.  You might also consider having a word document made with your basic info on it so you can just copy and past the required information over and over again.

Remember the MOST important thing when using registries is to KEEP YOUR CONTACT INFORMATION UP TO DATE!

Massive Adoption Search Registry List

And if that’s not enough, have a few more links that have more massive lists:

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