Adoption by Gentle Care; An Unethical Ohio Adoption Agency

wrong peopleReturned by the Original Adoptive Family, Camden Sits in Foster while this Agency Refuses to Return Him to his Loving Mother

A horrible injustice happening at this unethical Adoption Agency in Ohio; Adoption by
Gentle Care is holding Baby Camden in foster care while his loving mother fights for the return of her sick child in court.

Yes, this case sounds too horrible to be true, but it is all true.

Please take some time and look around to get an idea of what has been happening since the end of March 2014.

The posts were published as the story progressed. They have been re-dated so you can read them in order as best possible.

Basic Facts about the case of Caroline L. Stearns v. Adoption by Gentle Care

This is actually NOT an adoption case because Camden is NOT adopted nor is he with an pre-adoptive family. Therefore; it is a case where a mother was basically taken advantage of during a very vulnerable state of mind, while she was in crisis.

An voluntary adoption relinquishment consent is NOT supposed to be taken when a mother is under duress or under the affects of medication; Carri was under the influence of both and there fore the original relinquishment consent should be considered null and void.

Adoption is supposed to be about finding homes for children that NEED homes, not keeping a baby away from a loving, capable mother who desires her child.

Sharing the Story on Your Blog and Helpful Linking

We know the one thing that Adoption by Gentle Care HATES is having other people know the truth. They have tried to intimate Carri and the adoption community by strong-arming us to be quiet and not share the truth, so the more people that talk about this story, the more it hurts them.

If you desire to talk abut this case on your own blog, website, or other forums, please consider linking back here in a way that will help this site rank higher than AGC in the search engines. If we work together, then we can control what people find when the Google for information.

Link the words “Ohio Adoption Agency” to the MAIN page here: or
Link the Words “Adoption by Gentle Care” to the original post that already ranks
Link the words “Bring Camden Home” to here “”
For example, a link will look like this…” this unethical Ohio adoption agency is keeping a mother and sick child apart while the baby sits in foster care”

You only need to link each phrase once, not every instance. DO NOT link to their site or it helps THEIR rankings.

If You Tweet, Tweet for Camden

The attention of the media and public officials is VERY important. For one, not only does AGC HATE the media attention, but also, notice of this case will help educate the public about the ethical issues in adoption and hopefully prevent others from having to go through this hell. The goal is to have national exposure for this case.

On the same note, bringing the unethical story to the eyes of both Ohio state and national officials can also help. So any news reporters, government officials, talk shows, etc can be directly linked to this site, the petition, the fundraising page etc. It’s better than OK if more than one person says the same thing so do not hesitate to repeat what another has done!

When you tweet directly to a person, put a few characters in front of them first so it’s public. Check an retweet and favorite what others have done as well. Use the hashtags #Adoption, #BringCamdenCome #GiveCarrisBabyBack and feel free to include the @AdoptgentleCare handle, even though they don’t do anything with Twitter.

To read more details about the fight to bring Camden home, please click here. 


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