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I have told much of my story already, but I know so many of you have a voice and a story to tell too. Maybe you don’t have a blog or don’t feel that you want that exposure, but still have something to say?

Your Voice Matters!

Please, feel free to send me your stories and I will post them here. I can give you credit or keep you unknown; whatever works for you.

If don’t feel that you can write, then how about an interview?  I will write your story for you if needed.. whatever I can to help you tell your story and share your adoption truth.

What I Won’t Publish

Due to the nature of this blog and what it stands for, I will not consider posts that are grossly pro-adoption. I will not post anything that is not on a relevant subject matter or that glosses over adoption issues and realities. I will NEVER publish anything that is linking back to an adoption agency or similar propaganda sites. I will not consider “SEO articles” that are not on topic.

Please see my costs of adoption advertising for inquiries that are not people within the adoption community.

Please see my Guest Posting Guidelines for Musings of the Lame for more information.

Questions? Concerns? Ideas? Email me.

And don’t forget to read and share the guest posts of others!

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