Adoptee Rights to Their Original Birth Certificates

By Susie

As a mother of adoption loss, I would first of all like to (again) make it known that I WAS NEVER PROMISED, NOR DID I EVER WANT, ANONYMITY FROM MY SON!

Those who try to use us mothers as the reasons that adoption records and original birth certificates are sealed are either lying or falsely believing someone else’s lies. Most moms would openly welcome being contacted by their sons and daughters lost to adoption. Most moms dream of finally having answers to their questions ~ is their son/daughter even alive? If so, healthy? Happy? A parent or grandparent now themselves?

If it was true that the natural mother’s privacy is the reason for sealing records, then why aren’t they sealed until an adoption is finalized? Wouldn’t they be sealed upon relinquishment?

If it was true that the natural mother’s privacy is the reason for sealing records, then why are the adopted sons and daughters STILL not allowed to receive a copy of the OBC after being reunited with their natural mother and/or father?

I have been told that even if Christopher and I were both to ask the Iowa courts to release his original birth certificate, it would be denied due to lack of “due cause”.

If it was true that the natural mother’s privacy is the reason for sealing records, why then would I (the natural mother) be denied a copy of my firstborn’s birth certificate but be able to obtain a copy for the children I gave birth to and raised? I need to hide myself from myself??

But let’s just pretend that we ARE the reason our children aren’t allowed their OBC. What power do we hold to allow discrimination against the (adult) children who we signed away all rights to? None. We have no rights to that (adult) child, remember?

I believe that all United States citizens should have the same access to the original, true record of their own birth as any other citizen. If one citizen can walk into the courthouse and get a copy of their original birth certificate, then ALL should be able to.I am a mother who signed away her rights to raise her child ~ I did not sign away his rights to his own birth information!

I advocate for Adoptee Rights ~ do not ever use me as an excuse to keep even one person’s own birth information from them! #AdopteeRights#IDontHaveNorDoIWantAnonymity

Read at the Source: : Finding Christopher, Finding Myself

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