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Without Your Help; I Have to Go Back to Work!

The reasons why you might want to donate to Musings of the Lame are easy, or so I had hoped.  While I know this blog provides a much needed service and has helped countless people over the last 8 plus years, the donations are few and far between. I hope I don’t sound ungrateful, but I DO want to keep dedicating my time to work for the spreading of adoption truths and to fight for Adoptee Rights as long as possible.

So I have created Sponsorship levels!

Levels of Support for Adoption Truth and Education

Rather than do the typical “silver, gold, platinum” sponsorship levels, I decided to play off the concept of Adoption &  Birthmother Kool-Aid.  Every donation helps keep me here, spreading the word of and the voices of adoption  truths. So you are, in essence, buying the antidote to adoption Kool-Aid!

A Glass of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote:

Buy a Glass of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote

Ten dollars a month for you, but what does it mean for me? Ten dollars is almost a whole year of registration fees for one of the domain names.  To continue to compete with the endless pockets of the adoption industry, I  fight tooth and nail to keep my Goggle rankings up. And that means I own a slew of domain names that all get redirected here. It gets kind of expensive, so this really helps me out.

A Package of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote:

Buy a Packet of of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote

Twenty Dollars a month allows me to pay for the hosting of Musings of the Lame for 2 months at a time at $9.99 a month.




A Pitcher of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote:

Buya Pitcher of of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote

Forty dollars a month is a bus ride to New York City so I can participate in things like the Unsealed Initiative’s Adoptee Rights Press Conference that I had had to miss this year because I did NOT have the bus fees.



Eight Quarts of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote:

Buy 8 quarts of Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote

80 dollars a month is a half a day sitting in front of the computer instead of working my old full time job. It’s good enough for me to dedicate a whole day working for Adoptionland.   The rest of the difference, gets made up in happiness! As in, I love doing this work and I am not looking to get rich!

Sponsor Adoption Truths through PayPal Here

Just pick the level you desire, and follow the directions. Please let me know if I can thank you! Because I want to, I really do!

How Much Adoption Kool-Aid Antidote?

I won’t say no to larger sponsorships of donations . If you are interested in sponsoring a larger amount, please get in touch. I will gladly create a special category just for you and then loudly sing your phrases in any way you see fit.

I also have advertising space available. Please go here for the cost of adoption ads.


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