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 The Reach and Influence of Musings of the Lame

Musings of the Lame; Life as Birthmother in Adoption  is a popular adoption truth blog with a large and growing audience.  Author Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy is a mother of four, the oldest whom she relinquished to adoption in 1987 when she was 19.

Musings of the Lame has developed a loyal following through Claudia’s ability to capture the raw emotions of life as a birthmother coupled with investigative blogging exposing the lies of the adoption industry.  In addition, her reading provides an open forum for others to share their views and gain further understanding. Her blog is about personal truth and fostering education, acknowledgement, and validating the conflicted personal emotions of adoption journeys for birth families, adoptees and adoptive parents form pre birth, through relinquishment, searching for family, adoption  reunions and beyond. She also focuses strongly on the need for Adoptee Rights legislation in the USA.

A Loud Strong Reach

In addition to writing at Musings of the Lame, Claudia also contributes at several other sites.

The New York TimesShe is a regular contributor at Adoption Voices Magazine and at Lost Mothers. She has written for “What to Expect” and was the first birthmother published on the New York Times parenting blog, Motherlode.

She has been published in Adoption Constellation magazine, Adoption Today, Adopt-a-tude.com and Divine Caroline and many more. She is also part of the Land of Gazillion Adoptees writing team.

Plus, as an “Expert” in SEO, her website URLs rank number 1 in national Google search rankings for numerous important key terms and words.

google ranking

Musings of the Lame Readership

Musings of the Lame is widely read, with an average of 23,000 unique visitors in over  30,000 sessions and almost 50,000  page views each month.

The Adoptions Lists on List.ly have had over 85 K  views by April 2015.

Personal Influence and Social Networks

We really wish that there were Insights for Facebook social media networks as Claudia has amazing reach as an influencer on her personal Facebook profile.  Claud has 3k+ followers on Facebook between her personal page and Musings of the Lame’s page. Claud also has a loyal following in other social media outlets, Google Plus and Twitter.

Over 80 K impressions on Twitter

Claud has a Klout score of 68 – a great measure of her online influence.

Claudia Corrigan Darcy adoptin blogger klout score 68

It is estimated that in approximately one week, Claud can reach 10,000 through her involvement on Twitter alone.

Her Facebook page also reaches over 5,000 readers a week.

Press and Interviews

Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy Press

Claudia has been invited to several radio interviews including Northeastern Public Radio,  Adoption Perspectives RadioThe Justice Hour with Lisa Marie Macci, Blog Talk Radio , The Adoption Show and repeatedly on HuffPo LIVE.

She has been interviewed for various online and print publications regarding adoption and specifically life as a birthmother and adoptee rights including Poughkeepsie Journal, MSN News, The Atlantic, AOL News, Kingston Times, and the Albany  Record.

She has been filmed for several individual documentaries, was an adoption expert on the Montel Williams Show and was interviewed by Dan Rather for Abducted Generations which appeared as a front page story on Yahoo news. The news media  including the BBC, Inside Edition, Nightline, and Dateline, regularly contacts her for information regarding adoption in the USA.

Presentations , Speaking Appearances, Honors

Claudia has served on panels and presented at several national adoption related conferences and events including, the Open Arms, Open Minds: The Ethics of Adoption in the 21st Century, The National Strategic Planning Session for open records, The Evan B Donaldson Adoption Institute and Ethica “Ethics and Accountability in Adoption” conference and the Korean American Adoption Network.

blog awards musings of the lame

Musings of the Lame has been voted in the Top 25 Adoption Blogs by Circle of Moms, has won a Best of Open Adoption Bloggers awards, was the first blog listed on Alltop’s Adoption page (Claudia both suggested and edited the first submission list for AllTop) among other honors.

If you are interested in learning more about providing a guest post, the cost of adoption advertising, partnerships  or sponsoring this important work at Musings of the Lame, please get in touch. 

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