Adoption Advertising Costs at Musings of the Lame; the Adoption Website

Specific Targeted Adoption Advertising for the Adoption Community

While this is very specific niche adoption website and birthmother blog, the reach and influence of Musings of the Lame is actually kind of impressive.  If you are promoting an adoption related event, or book, or product, then buying adoption advertising space is not a bad investment.

This adoption website also ranks extremely high on several important national search results as it is professionally optimized for the best SEO results. This allows for a vast number of new readers to find this adoption forum every month and continue to grow.

How to Advertise for Adoption Services  and Adoption Advertising Techniques

Musings of the Lame is widely read, with an average of over 20,000 unique visitors and 60,000 page views each month.  The bounce rate, meaning the percentage of people that leave the site immediately without reading , is historically low for the average website. On some specific URLs, it is below 7% and sidewise it is below 50%. That means that when people come to Musings of the Lame, they stay on Musings of the Lame.

In addition, Musings of the Lame is promoted on the various social networks daily through Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. Author Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy is a long established member of the adoption online community and uses her personal connections and networks daily. She is a former director of social media and a SEO/ SMM consultant, and knows how to make it work.

Graphic design and ad creations, copy writing and SEO editing for best keyword ranking results are also available if required. Please get in touch directly with Claudiafor those services.

Adoption Ad Options and Adoption Advertising Costs

There are various options for adoption advertising space and ad costs.

  • Dedicated Adoption Related Blog Post:

A dedicated blog post provides a permanent placement of your ad. All copy is optimized for best SEO ranking results including custom description, keyword, keyword specific URL and hypertext links to your ad landing page. Images, embedding, and author bio boxes can also be incorporated.  All blog posts are released into the AdoptionLand Social Network and will be sent to the Musings of the Lame email list though the monthly RSS feed newsletter.

Dedicated blog post advertising falls under the same requirements as my Guest Posting Guidelines for Musings of the Lame

Cost for Dedicated Adoption Related Blog Post: $200.00 onetime fee

Review type blog posts are accepted for the “Rants and Raves” category . Products for review may be sent  to Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy at 168 Wall Street Kingston, NY 12401 without a fee, but no guarantee of a positive review or a specific schedule.

  • Large Slider Area Adoption Ads:

The Large Slider Ads appears on all single post blog entries and on the main blog page as well as the category landing pages. The images are 780 pixels by 300 pixels and supports SEO rich copy up to about 300 words.

Monthly Cost for Large Sliders: $100.00 a month

  • In Line Post Adoption Ads:

An Inline Adoption Blog Post Advert is a permanent adoption ad that appears in a specific existing post.  For example, if you happen to be a father’s rights advocacy group, then an Inline Post Avert in a blog post specific to Father’s Rights would be most beneficial to you. I can help you find the best page to support your ads.
The Images ads (maximum sizes of 600 by 600 pixels) are placed within the first 300 words of  the post and can link directly to your landing page of choice.  Alt tags and title are customizable as is option captions up to 200 words. All post with new Inline Adverts will be re-released into the AdoptionLand Social Networks upon release.

Cost for Inline Adoption Blog Post Advert: $75.00 onetime fee

  • Monthly Full Sidebar Adoption Ads:

The Full Sidebar Adoption Ads appears on all single post blog entries and on the main blog page as well as the category landing pages. The images are 230 pixels by 230 pixels and support a simple title of about 40 characters and spaces.

Monthly Cost for Full Sidebar Adoption Ads: $50.00 a month

  • Footer Box Adoption Ads:

The Footer Box Adoption Ads appears on all single post blog entries and on the main blog page. The images are 125 pixels by 125 pixels. They do not rotate out and will link directly to your landing pages.

Monthly Cost for Large Sliders: $25.00 a month

Costs of Adoption advertisement

Admission to the Adoption Events Calendar is currently a free service as is inclusion for Adoption Community Bloggers, but donations are greatly appreciated.

If you would like to learn more about placing an adoption ad  on this blog site or submit an advertisement, please contact Claud.

PLEASE NOTE: Musings o the Lame reserves the right to reject any advertisement that does not fall under the ethical adoption and personal morals of author Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy.


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