30 Days of Adoption Activism

30 days NAAM 2013

Do Something for National Adoption Awareness Month; 30 Days of Truth!

NaBloPoMo November 2013So last year I committed  to NaBloPoMo rather than hiding away from the world for the month of November. November, along with being the month of my oldest son’s birth and subsequent adoption, also happens to be National Adoption Awareness Month.

It’s like every where I look I must be reminded of the biggest mistake of my life and told how beautiful an d wonderful adoption is. NAAM proves to be more of a month long huge underground zit that I keep picking at, but just cannot get to pop and just go the fuck away.

“What’s that on your nose, Claud?”

” Oh, nothing that’s just the huge festering sore that is National Adoption Awareness Month, carry on.”

” Oh, that’s ugly? It looks like it hurts!”

“Yes, it does. It certainly does”

While the call of my bed and endless Law and Order reruns does have a huge appeal to me and are great ways to avoid the anniversary of relinquishment and the evil Gotcha Day, I suppose it is healthier to remain among the living the month of November. So I have committed to NABLOPOMO 2013 again and in that I have decided to take it one step farther.

Introducing 30 Days of Adoption Activism for NAAM 2013

So I have combed the interwebs and have found 30 days of adoption activist activities that you can do as an easy armchair activist. Instead of just complaining about adoption, do something about it! Yes, it DOES make a difference!!

  • Some days will be just a simple petition that you can sign. Of course you can take it that much needed step further and share the petition and ask other people to do something about it.
  • On other days it might be a letter you can mail to an official about something adoption related. I shall try to keep up and have a sample letter that you are free to copy from.
  • On other days; I will have various fund raisers for people that need help. Now, I know that not everyone can afford to always give money, so if you cannot, that’s OK. You CAN however, share the links, ask others to donate of they can and explain why these sorts of funds are needed.

You Can Share the Whole 30 Days of Adoption Activism too!

I am keeping ALL the activities in one simple Listly link and will add a new one every day. If you have your own blog or website you can easily add the list and embed it in your owe sidebar or post!

30 days NAAM 2013

In addition, I have made handy dandy little badges that you are welcome to take and display as well. They will link back to the listly list where, again, all the post shall be.

In addition, please feel free to add your OWN activities to the list! The more folks that embed the list the more that see it. The bigger the list is, the better it ranks. The more people see it because of the better ranks, the greater good we can do.


Grab the Code for the Button Above

<a href=”http://list.ly/list/ACN-30-days-of-adoption-activism-for-national-adoption-bewarness-month”><img alt=”30 days NAAM 2013″ src=”http://www.adoptionbirthmothers.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/30daysoftruthNAAM2013-300×300.jpg” width=”200″ height=”200″ /></a>

I’m still going to try to post a real regular post every day. And…. Oh, I am NOT done yet!  We just might be debuting a while new project as well!  wink wink

November 30th; National Strange and Mournful Day

Also, remember that November 30th  has been signified as “National Strange and Mournful Day”. The original concept was created in 2006 with OriginsUSA  and looks like was taken on by SMAAC with a color change. 

I personally like the original colors, myself and will be wearing my ribbon. If you want to make a ribbon, I will share with you this uber goofy DYI video I made back then. It’s so silly, I crack myself up! I guess it’s better than crying all month.

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