19 years 111 days!

Adoptees searching for reunions

The Length of Time I Was Separated From My Child

That will be the sum total of the length of time that I have been physically separated from Max.

  • The last time I saw him in person, he was two days old: November 16, 1987
  • Next Thursday, March 9th, 2007, I shall see him again.

I do not think that “excited” is the correct term. I do not think there IS a correct term. The closest I can come up with freaking the fuck out.

I just cannot imagine what it will feel like to see my son again. I cannot begin to pretend to know how I shall react, if I cry, if I am calm, if I am just a loon…I just can’t imagine. I don’t feel prepared at all, yet, it is time I know for this chapter in adoption to close. There is not much I think that we could have done to be more “ready” for an face to face adoption reunion. We have been in contact for almost two years. We took i the reunion process slow. There is not that huge “unknown”, we are not strangers anymore. But still…I cannot believe that the time is really here.

I have so much to do. And so little time.
Yet it has been a really, really long time coming.
And that shall soon be over.


Continue reading…..Ready or Not..It’s Time to Met my Adopted Son!

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Claudia Corrigan DArcy
Claudia Corrigan D’Arcy has been online and involved in the adoption community since early in 2001. Blogging since 2005, her website Musings of the Lame has become a much needed road map for many mothers who relinquished, adoptees who long to be heard, and adoptive parents who seek understanding. She is also an activist and avid supporter of Adoptee Rights and fights for nationwide birth certificate access for all adoptees with the Adoptee Rights Coalition. Besides here on Musings of the Lame, her writings on adoption issue have been published in The New York Times, BlogHer, Divine Caroline, Adoption Today Magazine, Adoption Constellation Magazine, Adopt-a-tude.com, Lost Mothers, Grown in my Heart, Adoption Voice Magazine, and many others. She has been interviewed by Dan Rather, Montel Williams and appeared on Huffington Post regarding adoption as well as presented at various adoption conferences, other radio and print interviews over the years. She resides in New York’s Hudson Valley with her husband, Rye, children, and various pets.

16 Comments on "19 years 111 days!"

  1. OMG! I am so excited for you! I have been wondering for the last 6 months or so just WHEN this was going to happen and now I know! Many happy visits to you an dMax forever <3

    xxx Sarah

  2. aww, claud, that made me cry. so happy for you. thats wonderful. long time coming and its about time. mother and children reunion is only a moment away….
    big hugs and lots of peace and love and serenity to you and max as you work towards repairing what adoption destroyed in you both.

  3. It’s wonderful and terrifying all at the same time. I remember standing there like a statue clutching my handbag…..

    You will do great.

    Wishing you all the very very best.

  4. Ohhhhhh Claud, I am so excited for you. I remained pretty calm (on the outside) during the meeting, of course there was a time restraint I had to follow so I wanted to get in as much as I could, but then I feel into sobs afterwards in my car.
    You will do great! I am so excited for Max too, that he gets to meet you and see parts of himself.

  5. Oh wow! How wonderful. I’ll be thinking of you next Thursday.

  6. WOW – SO excited for you both.
    Will be thinking of you.

  7. Wonderful, just wonderful. 😀

  8. Claud,

    I am so happy for you and Max!
    There really are no words to describe the experience of seeing your son, again, for the first time.

    (I could barely breathe and using an inhaler only made me shake all the more…lol..)

    Many good thoughts to you both.

  9. rock on claud! You and your son have been waiting for this moment for SO long. NOTHING will get in your way! xoxoxo

  10. holy crap. I cant even begin to imagine what seeing your son is finally going to be like. I’m happy for you and sad too. Hopefully, being renited will bring lots of healing and blessings to you both.

  11. OMFG indeed. I’ll be waiting breathlessly to hear about it. Sending many good thoughts between now and Thursday.

  12. Anonymous | March 3, 2007 at 5:52 pm |

    You already know how excited I am for you, but I’ll just add that I wish you and Max the very, very best in what is the beginning of a lifetime of making (new) memories together!!!


  13. I can not wait to hear how it goes,,, I can only imagine,,wishing you so much luck

    much love, ani

  14. Anonymous | March 5, 2007 at 2:16 am |

    Claud you know how I feel…I can’t wait to read the new chapters as the story unfolds…


  15. This is so great for you. I hope you enjoy every moment and be completely prepared for the possibility of ANYTHING could happen.

    I am scared for you… but you are really brave. Try to rest before Wednesday morning. What color did you dye your hair?

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